Valentine's Day Flowers and Bouquets

Set the mood for Valentine's Day with these ideas for pretty flower arrangements and bouquets.

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Rose Cups

    Silver julep cups are the perfect size to hold small Valentine's Day bouquets. When arranging, cut some of the blooms short enough so they sit on the lip of the vase and insert a few stems of frothy filler flowers for interest.

Hydrangeas and Grape Hyacinths

    A crystal compote serves as a beautiful base for this pink-and-purple flower arrangement. A hidden grid of floral or transparent tape across the top of the bowl supports the cloud of blooms.

Peonies and Daisies

    This arrangement of peonies and daisies puts a fun spin on the typical Valentine's Day bouquet. To set off the two flowers, tuck in baby PeeGee hydrangeas between the blooms. Wrap a pretty brown ribbon around the base of the container for a beautiful contrast.

Sweet Nothings

    Tuck a homemade mini card into a bouquet or a loved one's lunch bag. Heart-shape paper punches and rubber stamps make mass production easy.

Rose Bowl

    Present traditional Valentine's Day blooms in a new way. Cut rose stems to 6 inches and remove leaves. Pack them tightly in a straight-sided glass hurricane or bowl accented with ribbon. (Bonus: This is so much easier to transport than a wobbly vase.)

Pail Full of Posies

    This perky pail idea punches up that Valentine's Day standby of a dozen red flowers. Cover plain buckets with decorative papers, wallpaper scraps, or pretty magazine images using decoupage medium and let dry. Then amass at least a dozen blooms for a lush arrangement, immersing the cut tips in plain, lukewarm water to keep them fresh.

Rose Heart Arrangement

    This rose heart is sure to be a hit, whether you create your own arrangement or order it from a florist. A shaped block of wet floral foam is covered with rosebuds. Green leaves are pinned to the sides to cover the remaining foam.

Tulip Bouquet

    Tulips are gorgeous flowers and are available in a wide variety of pinks, reds, peaches, and purples. Avoid bending and drooping stems by cutting the tulips short, like these, so they can be arranged tightly enough to hold each other upright.

Sentimental Favorite

    If your sweetheart collects vases, pitchers, or bowls, then using one of these treasured objects will make even a simple rose bouquet a sentimental favorite.

Airy Rose Arrangement

    Surprise your sweetheart with an unusual flower arrangement. Wide leaves have been folded to look like green ribbons, with slender stalks of bear grass formed into wide loops around a center of pink and red tulips and roses.

Valentine Bouquets

    Say "I love you" by recreating your bridal bouquet. Set in a vase, it can stand in as an elegant centerpiece. Or make it from silk flowers that will be a long-lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Mixed Flower Bouquet

    A fresh mix of spring flowers can say "Happy Valentine's Day" better than the standard dozen roses. Look for the freshest blooms and have them arranged simply in a clear square vase.

Rose Cone

    Three white roses and a handful of tiny pink tea roses are tied together and placed in a paper cone with a ribbon hanging loop. This is a lovely decoration for a door handle or chair back -- or hung under a chandelier.

More Valentine's Day Ideas

    A bouquet of flowers not only makes a great decoration but a beautiful gift as well. For more fun and homemade Valentine's Day gifting options, click the link below.

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