Adorable Melted Snowman Cocktail

Say goodbye Frosty and hello to the cutest holiday drink ever. Make this 6-ingredient melted snowman cocktail that you and Santa can enjoy.

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The Christmas Traditions We Celebrate Every Year

Everybody loves a good Christmas tradition! These yearly activities tend to be the parts of the season that we look forward to the most. They allow for extra wallowing in all things Christmas. We invited four bloggers to share their own crafty Christmas traditions. With cake-making, holiday recipes, and sweet, sentimental decorating ideas, these classic, annual events give us another excuse to celebrate the holidays.

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Delightful Christmas Brunch Recipes

After gifts are opened, sit down to a delicious Christmas brunch the whole family will love. These delicious brunch recipes, including Christmas breakfast casseroles, cinnamon rolls, and pastries, are sure to make your Christmas morning memorable. Bonus: Almost all of these breakfast recipes are easy to make ahead.

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5-Minute Microwave Fudge

Making your own fudge has never been easier. With only five ingredients you have created the perfect holiday party favor or gift.

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Flea Market Christmas Decor

Sure, you can find gorgeous used, vintage or even antique Christmas decorations at a good flea market. But the best flea market finds for Christmas might not be so obvious.

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9 Unexpected Places to Add Holiday Decor

From your kid's sports equipment basket to your stairs, here are 9 surprising places in your home to add a touch of holiday. There is no place exempt from a little cheer this Christmas season!

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Peppermint Jello Shots Just Rocked Your Holidays

Get the party started with these amazing peppermint gelatin shots your guests won't forget.

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Valentine's Day Flowers and Bouquets

Set the mood for love with these Valentine's Day flowers, arrangements, and bouquets. Give our Valentine's Day flowers as a gift this year, or use them to decorate your home for a romantic dinner. The selection is sure to spark something for your sweetie: Cheap flowers, classic Valentine's Day rose arrangements, and vases with a variety of seasonal blooms.


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    • Rustic Ranunculus in Portable Container

      Pink Ranunculus is great as a Valentine's Day display. Each bloom varies slightly in shade, meaning that even if you use just one kind of flower, you'll still have a look with lots of depth. Try pairing the pink flowers with a rustic metal container for artistic contrast.

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    • Delicate Branch Bouquet

      Attach pink blooms to branches with hot glue for an elegant and long-lasting arrangement. This is a modern take on traditional bouquets, and it will impress for months, not just on February 14.

      Valentine's Day Flower Suggestion: Faux Cherry Blossoms

      Top Valentine's Day Ideas
    • Vintage Vase Arrangement

      Coordinating vases lend cohesion to groupings of various flowers. Pick three different types of flowers within the same color scheme. Cut stems corresponding to the height of each vase and arrange in a group.

      Valentine's Day Flower Suggestions: Roses, Peonies

    • Bedside Table Surprise

      Who wouldn't love waking up on Valentine's Day to a beautiful floral arrangement sitting on their bedside table? Not only will your loved one feel cherished first thing in the morning, but this simple gesture will set the mood for the day ahead.

      Valentine's Day Flower Suggestion:

    • Arrange Your Own Bouquet

      Walk through arranging a bouquet with tips from garden experts.

    • Basket of Blooms

      A bouquet of flowers doesn’t always have to go in a vase on a table. Nontraditional containers, like this metal hanging basket, turn your flowers into festive decor.

      Valentine’s Day Flower Suggestions: Tulips, Iris, Peruvian Lilies, Lisianthus

    • Elegant Crystal Arrangement

      A crystal compote serves as a beautiful base for this pink-and-purple flower arrangement. A hidden grid of transparent or florist's tape across the top of the bowl supports the cloud of blooms.

      Valentine's Day Flower Suggestions:
      Hydrangeas, Grape Hyacinths

    • Glass Hurricane Flower Display

      Present traditional Valentine's Day blooms in a new way. Cut stems to 6 inches and remove leaves. Pack them tightly in a straight-sided glass hurricane or bowl accented with ribbon.

      Valentine's Day Flower Tip: This sturdy arrangement is especially helpful when transporting your blooms from place to place.

    • Matched Blooms Arrangement

      Make a less-expensive bloom seem more impressive by grouping flowers of the same or similar shades in one vase. We wrapped plain cylinders with colored burlap and edged them with narrow velvet ribbon.

      Valentine's Day Flower Suggestions: Carnations, Peonies

      Valentine's Day Flower Tip: Match your vases to the flowers to reinforce the Valentine's Day color scheme.

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      Long-Lasting Arrangement

      For a Valentine's Day flower arrangement that you can admire past the holiday, gift an exotic plant that has already been potted. Not only will it brighten up any room, but the unique blooms will keep things fun and lively.


      Valentine's Day Flower Suggestion: Orchids


      Valentine's Day Flower Tip: For an optimum lifespan, ask your local florist for tips and tricks for keeping your plant alive.

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      Full and Cheap Bouquet

      Make a sweet statement for your sweetheart with flowers that cost a bit less but fill a vase beautifully. Roses are the most expensive flower of the holiday; get more stems for the same amount by looking for seasonal flowers that come in a rainbow of hues. Get two to three dozen and place them in a large footed bowl for a breathtaking alternative to traditional bouquets.


      Valentine's Day Flower Suggestion: Tulips


      Valentine's Day Flower Tip: Avoid bending and drooping stems by cutting the tulips short, like these, so they can be arranged tightly enough to hold each other upright.


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      Bud Vase Grouping

      Go beyond a traditional arrangement -- a grouping of small bud vases can be an unexpected way to display your Valentine's Day blooms. Choosing a variety of flowers in different colors is an easy and inexpensive way to showcase your love on Valentine's Day and to decorate the home, too.


      Valentine's Day Flower Suggestion: Roses, Peonies


      Valentine's Day Flower Tip: Be sure to cut your stems short and remove all but the top-most leaves to easily fit your flowers in the smaller vases.

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      Jewel Tones for Your Valentine

      Think outside the box when it comes to Valentine’s Day flower ideas and opt for a deep jewel tone, like these dahlias. Rich hues like these bring warmth to your home but still stay within a palette that works for winter months.

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      Wineglass Rose Display

      Use stemless wineglasses to create this easy and colorful floral display. Cut rose stems close to the bloom and place in an inch of water in each glass. Line up glasses on a mantel or arrange on the dining table. Brightly colored flowers will pop, while lighter shades lend a subtler look.

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      Valentine’s Arrangement with Veggies

      Do something unexpected for Valentine’s Day by adding vibrant purple cabbage to your arrangement. Many flowers aren’t in peak season during the winter months -- supplementing a bouquet with cabbage and artichokes easily adds texture and color.

      Valentine’s Day Flower Suggestion: Zinnias

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      Roses in a Metallic Vase

      Sometimes simple arrangements are the most beautiful. Start with an on-trend metallic vase, and select blooming roses for a full -- but easy -- bouquet. Pick your roses a few days prior to Valentine's Day so they'll have time to open before the holiday.

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      Low-Maintenance Succulents

      Is your valentine not the type who likes tending plants? Succulents are a lower-maintenance option that will last a long time and look great on a coffee table or desk. Intersperse some succulents with tinges of red to keep in the Valentine's Day theme.

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      Handcrafted Valentine's Day Decor

      Express your affection by creating these simple handmade gifts and decorations for Valentine's Day. From heart-shape art to pretty Valentine's Day decor for your mantel, these crafts and projects will be loved on February 14 and beyond.
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