Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Get the little ones involved in Valentine's Day festivities with our fun Valentine's Day crafts for kids! Help them learn how to make a paper flower bouquet, Valentine's Day cards, sweet treats, and more! These Valentine's Day crafts for kids are perfect for gifting to your loved ones this Valentine's Day!
Lollipop Valentines Lollipop Valentines

These oh-so-sweet lollipop treats double as kid-friendly valentines! Simply fold a piece of cardstock in half, insert lollipop inside, and embellish with store-bought scrapbooking stickers and messages. It makes a perfect afternoon activity to share with the kids.

Stamp Art Valentines: Part 1 Stamp Art Valentines: Part 1

Watch your kids make their mark this Valentine's Day with help from a personalized stamp. Household items and a few art supplies are all you need! Check out the following slides for detailed instructions.

Stamp Art Valentines: Part 2 Stamp Art Valentines: Part 2

Cut a foam grocery tray to 3x4-inches. Have your child write a note backwards in pencil, pressing deeply into the foam.

Valentine's Day Craft Tip:
To make your message read backwards, write words on paper and hold up to mirror to see reverse text.

Stamp Art Valentines: Part 3 Stamp Art Valentines: Part 3

Brush a thin layer of paint across the surface of the foam, covering it evenly from edge to edge. Press and rub paper, label, or tag on top of painted foam, applying some pressure. Peel back and let dry. Repaint before each print, changing the color if desired. Attach to small bags of candy or other gifts.

Simple Flower: Part 1 Simple Flower: Part 1

Love getting flowers for Valentine's Day? Your child's own bouquet is just a few simple steps away. More ambitious kids can make the project as ornate as they desire. See the next slide for the basic instructions.

Simple Flowers: Part 2 Simple Flowers: Part 2

Cut out three equal-size paper hearts, and then fold them in half lengthwise. Attach the pointed ends together with a silver or brass brad. Attach brad to florist's wire for fun, bendy stems.

Valentine Dessert Sandwiches Valentine Dessert Sandwiches

These adorable heart cookie sandwiches are perfect for Valentine's Day! The kids will love using tiny heart-shape cookie cutters to make the cutouts, and you'll love how light and crisp the cookies are!

Makes: 24 servings
Yield: 24 sandwich cookies
Prep: 45 mins
Bake: 10 mins 350°F per batch
Cool: 1 min
Secret Messages Secret Messages

This cute Valentine's Day craft is an art project and fun activity all rolled into one! Simply cut hearts from white paper and write love notes on them with a white crayon before your kids get up in the morning. Hide your hearts in strategic locations, place a box of watercolors at the breakfast table, and let your little ones brush paint over the hearts to reveal the sweet Valentine's Day messages.