Valentine Gift Bag and Tag

Deliver sweet treats to the one you love with this darling duo.
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What You Need:

Valentine Decorated bag The gift bag and tag are almost
as fun as what you can put inside!

  • Plain gift bag
  • Self-adhesive red paper
  • Black card stock
  • Adhesive foam
  • Small glass bottle
  • Confetti
  • Red fiber or string
  • Eyelets
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors


1. To decorate the gift bag, cut a small frame from self-adhesive glittery red paper and mat with black card stock, cutting out a window in the center.

2. Fill a tiny glass bottle with X and O confetti and tie a piece of red fiber around its neck. Center the bottle in the frame and attach the fiber ends to the back of the frame. Adhere the frame to one side of a small paper bag with adhesive foam.

3. For the gift tag, punch two holes in a card-stock square and set an eyelet in each hole. Glue a few confetti letters onto the tag, and tie a strand of red fiber through the eyelet holes.

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