The Meaning of Flowers

Attach a tag to your floral gifts that shares the real meaning of the flower.

Enlarge Image Hyacinth is traditionally associated with constancy.

Did you know that there's a significance to a variety of flowers? A white rose signifies charm and innocence, while a pink rose represents perfect happiness. The Victorians took the meaning behind each floral bouquet to heart, calling it the "language of flowers." For a list of flowers and each one's meaning, check out our chart below or ask your local florist or librarian.

The Language of Love
Chrysanthemum, Red I love you
Chrysanthemum, White Truth
Hyacinth Playful joy
Geranium Preference
Rose, pink Perfect happiness
Rose, white Charm and innocence
Rose, red Love and desire
Rose, white and red Unity
Violet Faithfulness

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