Heart-Shape Crafts for Valentine's Day

Show your valentine how much you care with one (or a few!) of these easy-to-make heart-shape crafts. We have ideas for everything from decorations to gifts, plus fun heart-shape cards.

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    Heart-Shape Decorative Wreath

    Lightweight hearts punched from colored vellum and decorative paper make the perfect Valentine's Day wreath. Use punches (available at crafts stores) to cut the heart shapes from different lightweight materials. To give the hearts a three-dimensional effect, curl them by scraping the paper between your thumb and a butter knife like you would curl ribbon. Layer the hearts on a round wreath cut from cardstock (this keeps the decoration lightweight) and adhere each with a dab of clear-drying glue. Hang the wreath with ribbon.

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    Heart-Shape Coasters and Place Mats

    Set your table for a Valentine's Day party or dinner with these fun place mats and coasters in the shape of a heart -- all you'll need is acrylic paint, crafts foam, and our heart pattern to complete this colorful project.

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    Patterned Hearts Garland

    Craft a pretty garland made of hearts to hang on your headboard or mantel for Valentine's Day. Cut heart shapes from fabric scraps in different patterns and colors and layer them together, attaching them to each other with iron-on adhesive. Punch small holes in the sides of the hearts and tie them together with red ribbon to finish the garland.

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    Felt Bookmarks with Heart Shapes

    These handmade heart bookmarks will make the perfect gift for your bookworm friend or valentine -- and they're fun and easy to make, too! For the cream-and-red bookmark, cut a rectangle shape out of cream-color wool felt and trace a heart on the back side; cut out. Glue the bookmark onto red wool felt and trim the edges with scallop-edge scissors. If you like, punch a hole through the top and attach a loop of red embroidery thread. To make the stitched bookmark, use disappearing ink to mark stitches and then stitch along the lines using embroidery floss. Cut a heart from red felt and glue it on the front.

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    Embellished Heart-Shape Candy Box

    Personalize a box of chocolates for your sweetheart by decorating a purchased heart-shape box with fabric and buttons. Cut patterned fabric to fit the top and sides of a large or small candy box, and glue on buttons, paper hearts, or other items to make the box unique.

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    Heart-Shape Pillows with Pocket

    The pocket on this adorable heart-shape pillow is just the right size to hold a love note. To make, cut two heart-shape pieces of fabric to desired size. Craft a pocket for the front of the pillow by cutting a square from contrasting fabric. Stitch to the fabric piece that will form the front of the pillow, leaving the top edge open. Lay the heart shape that will form the back of the pillow right side up; lay the front piece directly on top, pocket side down. Line up edges; stitch almost all the way around edge, leaving about a 4-inch gap unsewn. Turn pillow right side out, stuff pillow with cotton batting, and sew gap closed.

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    Heart-Shape Valentine Mailbox

    Get creative this Valentine's Day by crafting a paper pouch to store your valentines. Cut a large heart shape from red cardstock. Adhere punched cardstock circles in a darker shade of red around the edges of the heart to create a scalloped look. Use a border punch to create decorative edges on thin strips of patterned paper. Layer the strips over a cardstock pocket to hold your valentines. To hang, set two eyelets in the heart and run ribbon through them.

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    Paper Heart Garland

    Easily craft this paper heart garland for a quick Valentine's Day decoration. Trace and cut out seven hearts from different colors of cardstock or scrapbook paper. Punch two holes about 1 inch apart in the center of each heart. Thread a festive ribbon through the hearts and hang from a mantel or mirror, as shown.

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    Valentine Cards and Gift Tags with Heart Shapes

    Add hearts to make Valentine's Day cards and gift tags stand out. Use decorative-edge scissors to cut out the cards and tags from cardstock or scrapbook paper and adorn with glittery heart shapes.

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    Pop-up Hearts Card

    Make your valentine stand out with punched hearts that stand out against bold circles. Use punches to create the shapes. Glue the circles on the card and use foam dots to give the hearts a three-dimensional lift.

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    Patterned Hearts Card

    Get creative with a few strips of pink-and-red patterned paper to make this Valentine's Day card. Fold a piece of cream-color cardstock in half to make the card base; punch three heart shapes from the front of the card. Secure different pieces of paper behind the punched shapes. To hide the patterned strips, cover them with a second rectangle of cardstock in the same color as the card base.

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    Love Silhouette Valentine's Day Card

    Make this simple silhouette card in minutes with white cardstock, spray paint, and a pink paint pen. Fold a piece of white cardstock in half to make the card. Cut a heart shape from a scrap piece of paper and lightly tape it to the front of the card (don't press down on the heart, because you'll want to remove it later). Lightly mist the front of the card with spray paint; remove the heart shape. Let the card dry completely. Write "love" in cursive across the heart silhouette with a paint pen to finish the card.

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