Heart Box

Present your special someone with this heart-shaped box filled with love notes, treats, or a small gift.
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What You Need:

heartbox opened Transform a plain box into a
Valentine surprise.

  • Papier-mâché box
  • Striped paper
  • Decorative paper
  • Silver tooling foil strip
  • Small silver frame
  • Glue


1. Cover the base of a papier-mâché box with striped paper. Trace the box lid shape on decorative paper and cut out.

2. Wrap and adhere a silver tooling foil strip around the edge of the box lid, pressing the foil above and below the edge to take the lid shape.

3. Adhere the cut-out heart onto the lid. Attach pink fiber around the cut-out heart shape.

4. Adhere a small silver frame with a message in it onto the lid.

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