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Crafts That Say 'I Love You'

Express your devotion all year with these sweet crafts that say "I love you" (some, literally).


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    • Framed Love Quote

      This pretty (and free!) piece of art looks lovely in a simple black frame with a white matte. Print it, frame it, and add a bow for a loving piece that would boost a blank wall in the hallway or kitchen.

      Get the free artwork.
    • Wood Slice Design

      The DIY gadget of the moment is inexpensive and easy to use, and it instantly personalizes any project. Use a wood-burning tool to add your loved one's name to a wood slice that serves as art, a coaster, a nameplate ... you name it!

    • Photo Calendar

      Mark each month with a family photo in a simple calendar that fits on a desktop. We made this one through Artifact Uprising, but you could also design your own 8.5x11-inch pages, attaching to a clipboard for stability.

    • Heart-Accented Pillow

      Show how much you love your Valentine with buttons sewn onto a pillow in a heart shape. Mismatched buttons work fine; simply spray with gold spray paint before attaching.

    • Love-Wrapped Wine Bottle

      You don't even have to be crafty to make this project by February 14. Print the free label, below, buy your valentine's favorite bottle of wine, and add a bow. Bonus points if the wineglasses are already waiting.

      Get the free wine label.
    • Words and Photo Frame

      Pick a favorite selfie and frame it for a pretty display. We painted our frame by taping off the glass and spray-painting. Dimensional letter stickers add 3-D interest on top.

    • Sewn "Love" Valentine

      A store-bought card is sweet, but sweeter still is a love note literally stitched with the word. You can easily make these in multiples for grandparents or dedicate your time to one for your sweetie.

    • Lunch Bag Idea

      Clip a sweet surprise onto a lunch bag filled with treats. Use pinking shears to cut a border around red cardstock. Top with a contrasting piece of paper and attach foil-wrapped chocolates with double-sided tape.

    • Personalized Kitchen Container (Plus Treats!)

      Fill in the blank: The way to his heart is through his _____. Yep, food is always the answer. In this case, homemade cookies in a chalkboard-label jar make things personal. To make, trim repositionable vinyl chalkboard to size, round the edges with a punch, and stick it on your container. Fill with baked goods.

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      Love Notes Jar

      Make a jar of love notes for that special someone. On pieces of pretty patterned paper, jot down things you love about that person or special memories you've had together. Make a handwritten label to adhere to the front and tie it all up with a bow.

    • Personalize a Pillow (in 30 minutes)
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      Personalized Pillow

      Embellish a throw pillow with your loved one's initial, and you've got a gift you'll actually use. Puffy paint and contact paper mean your freehand skills aren't key to success.

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      Owl Paper-Piecing Pattern

      Add a sentiment to your piecing by printing it on pink cardstock before cutting the heart. Dress up the owl by adding googly eyes and a gem-and-flower combo.

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      Heart Bookmark

      The gift of books is extra-special with a handmade bookmark. To make, cut a rectangle from cream-color wool felt and trace a heart on the back; cut out the shape with scissors. Glue the bookmark onto red wool felt and trim the edges with scalloped-edge scissors. For the stitched bookmark, use disappearing ink to mark stitches and then stitch along the lines using embroidery floss. Cut or punch a heart from red felt, and glue it on the front.

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      Adorable Heart Ornaments

      Make a handful of heart ornaments for a Galentine's Day or other family or friend event. To make, draw a simple heart shape to use as your pattern, and make a copy. Divide one pattern into sections. Cut one piece from each of four coordinating fabrics, adding a 1/4-inch seam allowance to each piece. Piece the fabrics together to form the front of your heart. Select several buttons and sew them to the front. Using the other pattern piece, cut out a whole heart from fabric for the backing, adding a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

      With right sides together, sew around the edge of your heart, leaving a small opening. Turn right side out. Stuff with polyester fiberfill, and stitch the opening closed. Bend a 4-inch piece of silver wire into a swirl, poking and turning one end into the top of your heart as a hanger.

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      Sweet Package Topper

      Gifting chocolates? Make this topper to personalize the sweets. Cut a strip of tissue paper about 2 feet long. Fold the tissue paper back and forth to create a ruffle; glue it in a heart shape to a box lid. Add a chipboard heart and layers of hearts cut from paper. Apply a rub-on message to two smaller chipboard hearts.

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