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Whatever you're searching for this February 14 -- homemade Valentine's Day cards, cute-as-can-be cupcakes, lush rose bouquets, or a gift for your valentine -- this collection gathers the best Valentine's Day ideas in one heartfelt spot.

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    Valentine's Day Mystery Message

    This holiday is just as fun for the kids. Cut hearts from white paper and write notes to the kids with a white crayon. On Valentine's Day, give your kids a heart and a palette of water colors. A few swipes of paint reveals your sweet sentiment.

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    Easy Valentine’s Tablescape

    Could there be an easier way to set a Valentine's Day table? Fill votive holders with pink, red, and white sprinkles or seed beads to add a splash of color on a dime.

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    Valentine's Day Art from the Heart

    Valentine’s Day decor can double as a modern art display. Choose patterned papers and cut out bird silhouettes and hearts, then arrange on a white background. Use spray adhesive to keep your collage in place.

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    Rose Bouquet Focal Point

    Try a new method of displaying conventional Valentine's Day roses. Cut stems to 6 inches and arrange tightly in a glass hurricane vase. The unique display gives the flowers an elegant look -- and makes a perfect dinner table decoration.

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    Simple and Sweet Hearts Garland

    Simply trace and cut out hearts on multiple sheets of patterned paper and glue the backs to string to create this fun garland. Placed above a mantel or strung across a window, it's an easy way to dress up your home.

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    Beautiful Bedside Bouquet

    Bright, cheery flowers on a bedside table are a welcome sight for any family member or loved one. Select a few colorful blooms and place in a simple vase for a thoughtful gesture. It's the perfect accompaniment to breakfast in bed.

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    Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

    The day's top treat is the familiar chocolate-covered strawberry. Save some money by making your own: We have two ways to prep the chocolate in seconds.

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    Love Note Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

    Spell out your valentine's message in frosting to combine a sweet message with a divine treat. Using a piping tip and contrasting frosting colors, you can spell out your love on cupcakes, sheet cakes, or cookies.

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    Heart-Shape Pudding Cakes

    These lovely desserts combine two fabulous flavors, lemon and lavender, in a cute heart-shape serving dish. Try combining leftover lavender with coarse rock sugar for a beautiful garnish.

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    Healthy Valentine's Day Note

    Treats don't have to be unhealthy to be delicious. Attach this funny tag with decorative string for a Valentine's Day gift that's wholesomely sweet.

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    Red Velvet Cupcakes

    Decadent red velvet cake is always a favorite on February 14. Lay a heart-shape cookie or paper cutout on the top of each cupcake, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and lift the heart to reveal your design. By adapting the size of the heart or using several hearts, this technique could be used on full-size cakes as well.

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    Sew-On Valentine's Day Card

    These cards are totally custom and inexpensive. Grab some embroidery floss and our easy method for making a personalized Valentine's Day note they'll love.

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    Heart-Filled Valentine

    Add a dash of color to the traditional Valentine's palette with bright paper heart cutouts. Layer over whitewashed sheet music for a handmade card with lots of depth in its design.

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    Red Hot Valentine’s Card

    This clever card uses hot cinnamon candies to let your valentine know how you feel. To make, attach a square piece of notebook paper to the center of a square card. Layer on a circle punch and the words "you're hot" cut from a magazine or newspaper. Gather cinnamon candies and lay on the notebook paper, covering with a thin sheet of plastic. Sew around the edges of the plastic to finish your 3-D card.

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    Garland Valentine Note

    Adapt trendy garland decor to make this fun card. Metal-ring tags spell out your message, while heart buttons, paper cutouts and festive string add layers of details. String the heart buttons on your ribbon or twine, and adhere buttons to tags.

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    Shrimp Scampi for Two

    This recipe might be easy, but that doesn’t make it any less elegant. With a light marinade of dry white wine, garlic, lemon, and crushed red pepper, this dish pairs nicely with salads and veggie sides.

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    Grilled Flank Steak Salad

    Stay healthy for Valentine's Day dinner without skimping on flavor. Tender steak, juicy tomatoes, and crisp peppers combine for a dish that's colorful and totally delicious. Try our cilantro dressing to top it off.

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    Individual Chicken Pot Pies

    Chicken pot pies are the perfect cuddle-up recipe for the cold February night. Each diner gets their own ramekin dish of the comfort food.

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    Slow-Cooked Beef Pozole

    Poblano peppers, flank steak, and chili powder make this dish spicy and succulent. A slow cooker makes it oh, so easy. Your valentine will think you spent hours over this tender beef dish, but prep time is just 25 minutes.

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    Pasta Carbonara

    This classic Italian dish will have your sweetie swooning. Broccolini, turkey bacon, and a healthy dose of Parmesan create the perfect flavor combination for Valentine's dinner.

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    Fun Mini Margherita Pizzas

    Mini pizzas are a fun and playful way to serve dinner, and you can make multiple topping combinations to please every palate. Perfect if you'll be spending Valentine's Day with the kids -- let them help by making their own pizza bites with different varieties of bruschetta, pesto, and veggies.

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    Love Magnetic Board

    Give this gift to a loved one who values function as well as style. Cut out brightly colored paper and glue to a metallic cookie sheet to create a personalized memory board. Bonus: Fill with photos of you and your sweetie, tickets from movies and concerts, and other mementos.

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    Movie Basket for Two

    A favorite movie, roasting marshmallows, champagne, and a carryout menu are all you need for the perfect Valentine's night in. Super easy to put together but very thoughtful -- this gift is all about spending time together.

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    Photo Transfer Art

    Turn fond memories and photos from trips into art for the walls of your home.

    To make:

    1. Choose your valentine's favorite pictures and print them on overhead transparency sheets (for best results pump up the color saturation).

    2. Cover a plain canvas with a thin coat of gel medium.

    3. Place the transparency sheet, ink down, onto the canvas. Burnish it with the back of a spoon, rubbing vigorously.

    4. Lift a corner to ensure that the image has transferred. Peel off the film completely.

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    Wine Bottle Valentine

    Select a favorite wine and print off one of our label patterns to transform the bottle into a Valentine's Day message. It's the perfect accompaniment for a movie night on the couch or a home-cooked meal.

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