7 Special Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

Stuck on what to get your Valentine this year? Our Valentine's Day gift ideas for him are easy and fun to put together and include a hot chocolate date and his favorite tech gift.

By Holly D'Anna

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Decorated Leather Flask
Decorated Leather Flask

    Wrap a nice leather flask with red-and-white Valentine-theme patterned paper and add a message (we used "Be my Valentine," available, below). Cut the paper to fit and tape together in the back to attach.

    Make His Valentine's Gift Special: Gift the flask with a bottle of his favorite top shelf liquor.

Technology Gift with a Collared Shirt

    For your tech-savvy Valentine, tuck the shiny new toy that he's been eyeing (like an iPod touch, shown) in the front pocket of a white collared shirt. He'll look smart and polished at the office -- and love having apps for just about everything at his fingertips.

    Make His Valentine's Gift Special: Preload the iPod touch with a few apps you know he'll love, so it will be ready to use right when he opens it.

Fortune Cookies with Dipping Chocolate

    Sharing fortune cookies dipped in chocolate can be a fun and sweet after-dinner activity to do with your Valentine. Line plastic Chinese takeout boxes with decorative tissue and fill them with store-bought fortune cookies. Wrap a jar of dipping chocolate with patterned paper and a ribbon, and then tuck a paper heart under the ribbon for the finishing touch.

    Make His Valentine's Gift Special: Make your own fortune cookies and fill them with your own fortunes or date-night ideas.

Picture-Frame Bulletin Board

    Share all your special memories and photos with your sweetheart on this mini bulletin board crafted from a decorative picture frame. Remove the glass from the frame and replace it with foam batting wrapped with a piece of muslin. Replace the back of the frame, and use pins to attach wedding pictures, kids' school photos, and small love notes.

    Make His Valentine's Gift Special: Include a pin with tickets to his favorite sporting event.

Hot Chocolate Date with Personalized Mugs

    Turn a simple Valentine's Day gift into an intimate date with personalized hot chocolate mugs, two packets of hot chocolate, and mini bottles of Irish cream liquor. Package everything together with pretty tissue paper. Before you sit down to enjoy your hot chocolate, write a message or draw a picture on one of the mugs, and trade.

    Editor's Tip: Look for a ceramic marker at crafts stores to write your love note.

    Make His Valentine's Gift Special: Wrap up his favorite movie (on Blu-ray or DVD) separately and start date night right away.

Scratch-Off Valentine's Day Card

    Keep him guessing about what his Valentine's Day gift is with a scratch-off card that you can make yourself. Follow our template to create four different date-night ideas, cover them with scratch-off solution, and package the card with a new penny to make the perfect gift.

    Make His Valentine's Gift Special: Make one date night a romantic dinner at his favorite restaurant.

Wine Carrier with a Message

    Wine makes a great Valentine's Day gift for him, set in a colorful hand-decorated carrier. Cover a cardboard cylinder with pretty scrapbook paper and attach a paper tag to the handle with a heart punched out and a message proclaiming your love.

    Make His Valentine's Gift Special: Gift his favorite wine or a bottle from a significant year (like your anniversary or the year your first child was born).


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