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Valentine's Day Cards with Candy (Plus Other Food Gifts)

Creative labels turn everyday treats into Valentine's Day delights perfect for sharing at school or work. For less than you'd spend on a bag of ready-made Valentine's Day candy, you can make these charming little gifts by packaging treats with homemade tags.


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    • Valentine Gifts and Gift Tags

      Any treat can be made sweeter with a fun label. The key is clever wordplay, letting the food inspire a witty saying. Use your computer to make labels, and print them on cardstock. Start with our free patterns available at the end of each slide.

    • How to Use Our Valentine's Tags

      We placed each tag to fit an 8-1/2x11-inch sheet. Print onto a light-color textured cardstock, which is sturdier than standard printer paper (its heavier weight makes it less likely to wrinkle or bend). Print as many copies as you need, then trim with scissors and package as shown in the idea. Use sticker paper for the ideas that go directly onto fruits.

    • Reese's Pieces Candy and Tag

      For an inexpensive alternative to ready-made Valentine's Day candy, attach the personalized label using a stapler. Look for cute ways to work the candy's name into the message, as shown.

    • Starburst Candies Valentine Tag

      Group smaller pieces of candy into clear baggies and staple homemade cardstock labels to the top of each bag. Arrange the candy into a colorful pattern, such as the grid of Starbursts shown here.

    • Now and Later Idea for Valentine's Day

      Combine two tasty treats into one cute little package by wrapping the label around the duo and sealing in the back.

    • Pixy Sticks Valentine Tag

      The recipient of this sweet trio will appreciate the unique shape of the label. Use different cutting techniques or scrapbooking scissors to add a trendy touch to every valentine.

    • York Peppermint Pattie Tag

      Back a treat within a heart-shape cardstock note. Use rolled or double-sided tape to stick a candy bar on one side, and print a romantic message on the other.

    • Hershey's Kiss Valentine Gift

      With "kiss" in its name, this chocolate candy a perfect Valentine's Day treat, but no one can stop at just one! Throw a handful into a bag and attach a label for a classic crowd-pleaser.

    • Pop Rocks Valentine Gift

      A kid favorite, these mouth-crackling snacks will make a loud statement. The tag does the same.

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      Rock Candy Valentine Idea

      Wrap a homemade or printed label around rock candy handles for an adorable and elegant little gift or party favor.

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      Apple Valentine with Sticker

      Think beyond candy: Fruit, nuts, and even drinks can be repackaged into fresh, healthful gifts. Here, a basketful of apples each don creative adhesive labels.

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      Peanut Package with Label

      Friends and coworkers will go nuts over this creative and delicious snack. Other great options include snack mixes, cracker packages, and hot cocoa packets.

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      Banana Valentine's Idea

      This idea is bananas! Why not go with a delicious and nutritious treat that is prepackaged by nature? Use sticker labels for a fun touch.

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      Orange Juice Valentine with Label

      Supply your classmates or colleagues with something yummy to wash down all the candy. Wrap labels around a drink bottle, or use string to attach a gift tag around the top.

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      Pear Valentine with Tag

      There's a reason they call fruit "nature's candy," and sweet, mouth-watering pears are no exception. Punch a hole through a printed label, and use decorative string or ribbon to attach to the stem of the fruit.

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      Bubblegum Cartoon Bubbles

      Give your valentine something sweet to chew on; a few pieces of Bazooka Joe bubblegum adhered to a cardstock cartoon bubble make a comical card that's simple and sweet.

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      "Be My Love Bug" Valentine

      These cute little "love bugs" are impossible to resist -- add a pair of googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennae to a stick of gum and adhere the creatures to a heart shape to make a fun Valentine's Day gift.

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      Filled with Love Candy Sacks

      Fashion these pouches from festive scrapbook paper and fill with your valentine's favorite candy to make a perfect (and thoughtful!) gift. To make, simply fold paper lengthwise, seal with adhesive or double-sided tape, and attach a heart tag made from construction paper for a sweet finish.

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      Butterflies with Candy

      A few pieces of chewable fruit candy transform into a butterfly with tissue paper wings and pipe cleaner antennae. Wrap the candy in a length of ribbon and secure with a dab of hot glue. Position pipe cleaner between ribbon and candy, and fan out the tissue paper and glue to the back to create wings.

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      Felt Candy Pouch with Cutouts

      Give a sneak preview of what's inside this candy sack with two heart shapes cut from the felt. Hold the felt pouch together with a wide ribbon threaded through two holes punched on both sides, and keep it secure by tying the ribbon at the top. Add a heart-shape gift tag with the recipient's name to finish the gift.

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      Candy and Balloons Valentine

      Wrap a long piece of candy, such as Air Heads or Laffy Taffy, with a wide ribbon. Instead of adding a gift tag, write your valentine's name and a short message on a balloon. Tie the balloon to the treat for a sky-high memento.

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      Lollipop Hearts

      Stick a Tootsie Roll Pop in a paper heart that doubles as a valentine and a sweet gift. Use cardstock or thick scrapbook paper to make the heart, and punch two holes to secure the lollipop.

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      Valentine's Treasure Bag

      Show your valentine how much you treasure him or her with this simple food gift idea: wrap red mesh around a few pieces of chocolate coin candy and hold together with a golden ribbon.

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      Paper Flowers with Candy

      Make a fun paper flower with a roll of tart mini candies wrapped with green or yellow pipe cleaner. Tape holds it together and a brad makes a pretty flower center.

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      Valentine's Bag of Kisses

      An ordinary paper bag becomes a sweet Valentine's Day gift with a few simple touches. Cut a large heart shape from scrapbook paper and attach it to the bag. Cut out a smaller heart shape in the front and cover the hole with plastic, attaching to the inside of the bag, so the contents won't fall out. Use a red pen to write "Be My Valentine" and draw the outline of a heart on the bag to finish the gift.

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      Three-Dimensional Candy Flowers

      Give these paper flowers a three-dimensional effect by adding a bubblegum-filled lollipop to the center and using the lollipop stick as the flower stem. To make, push a lollipop through a mini cupcake liner, then cut a slit in the paper flower and push the lollipop through it.

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      Valentine with Conversation Candy Hearts

      Skip the traditional packaging for conversation hearts and use the sweet candies to make a colorful Valentine's Day gift. Fill a clear bag with hearts that read "XOXO" and "Be Mine" and twist it to close; thread through a hole punched in a pink paper heart to keep the candy secure. Embellish the paper heart with a message and a rhinestone dot to add a special touch.

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