Two XOXO Valentine Card Projects

Let a loved one know how you feel this Valentine's Day with one of these hugs-and-kisses cards.
For the first XOXO card you will need...

  • Blank card (or folded card stock)

  • Patterned paper

  • Scrap of pink paper

  • Glue or minibrads

  • XOXO nailheads


  1. To make this card, attach a rectangle of patterned paper to a folded piece of card stock with craft glue (or by fastening a minibrad in each corner as shown here).
  2. Center and attach the X and O nailheads to a torn scrap of paper and attach the paper to the front of the card.

For this XOXO card you will need...

  • Blank card (or folded card stock)

  • Pink dotted or patterned paper

  • Glue

  • Lettering template

  • Self-adhesive silver paper


  1. For the second card, adhere a rectangle of pink dotted paper to the front of a folded sheet of card stock.
  2. Use a lettering template to cut the X and O letters from self-adhesive silver paper. Adhere letters to the card.
  3. See resource list below.

Sources: Patterned papers by Colors by Design (squares) and Jill's Paper Doll World by Paper Adventures (dotted). Self-adhesive silver paper by Emagination Crafts. Lettering template is Doodle-E-Do by Cut-It-Up. Letter nailheads by