Make a Valentine with Marbled Paper

Create one-of-a-kind Valentine cards with this quick, creative way to transform ordinary cardstock into a work of art.
What You Need:
Mother and daughter make marbled paper card

  • Newspapers and waxed paper
  • Old rectangular pan
  • Red frosted glass finish spray, such as Krylon
  • Metallic gold spray paint
  • Interior-exterior spray paint in blue gloss and watermelon
  • Metallic gold leafing pen
  • Cardstock in ivory, yellow, burgundy, red, black, and textured metallic gold
  • Adhesive foam mounts, such as Mini Pop Dots
  • Tracing paper; pencil; scissors; ruler; double-sided tape
  • Optional: cardboard; disposable gloves


Multi-Heart Marbled Paper cardValentine's Day card

  1. Cover work surface with newspapers. Fill pan halfway with water. Spray water with desired paint. (Note: All colors of paints and cardstock were used to make marbled papers for the multiple heart card. For the red hearts card, use red cardstock, red stained glass color spray, red frosted glass finish spray, metallic gold spray paint, and watermelon interior-exterior spray paint.)
  2. Lay cardstock on top of water surface and gently submerge it. Lift cardstock out of water and allow to dry on a piece of waxed paper. If desired, dip cardstock again to increase effects. Try experimenting with different color combinations of paint and cardstock. Each type of spray paint (stained glass color, frosted glass finish, and interior-exterior) has a different effect on paper. Skim leftover paint from water using a piece of cardboard or extra paper. Change water periodically.
  3. To make a pattern, draw a heart the desired size and cut it out. For the multiple hearts card, measure and cut a 10 X 7-inch card from burgundy cardstock. Fold card in half. Cut out nine small hearts from several colored marbled papers. Trim the edges of the hearts with the gold leafing pen. Cut two strips of marbled paper 1/4 X 5 inches. Trim one edge of each strip with gold leafing pen.
  4. Adhere the strips to the top and bottom edges of the front of the card using double-sided tape. Apply the hearts to the front of the card using foam mounts. Stack foam mounts two and three high underneath some of the hearts for a multilevel dimensional look.
  5. For the red heart card, measure and cut a 10 X 7 1/2-inch card from black cardstock. Fold card in half. Measure and cut a rectangular piece of red marbled paper approximately 4 1/7 X6 3/4 inches. Outline the edges of the red marbled paper with the gold leafing pen. Center and tape paper to the front of the card.
  6. Cut out a small heart from additional red marbled paper. Outline the edges of the heart with the gold leafing pen. Cut out a medium-sized heart from gold textured paper. Cut large heart from red cardstock. Adhere hearts to each other and to the front of the card with foam mounts for extra dimension.