"Kind Heart" Valentine Card

Watch crystals magnify the motif tucked beneath it, bringing three-dimensional appeal to this clever card.

You Will Need

  • 2 Peas "Cookie Dough" computer font
  • 8-1/2-x-11-inch sheet of pink patterned paper
  • 5-1/2-x-8-inch rectangle of white card stock
  • Glue stick
  • 1-3/8-inch square hole punch
  • Heart sticker
  • Watch crystal
  • Diamond Glaze glue

  1. Use your computer and the Cookie Dough font to type the quotation to fit in a 2-3/4-x-2-inch area. Print the quotation in black ink on the sheet of pink paper.
  2. Trim the paper into a 3-3/4-x-5-1/4-inch rectangle with the quotation centered on the rectangle 2 1/4 inches below the top edge.
  3. Fold the white card-stock rectangle in half to measure 4 x 5 1/2 inches. Center and glue the printed pink rectangle on the front of the folded card. Use the punch to make a hole in the card front centered about the quotation.
  4. Apply the heart sticker to the inside of the card, centering it in the square opening. Use the glue to adhere the watch crystal, centering the crystal over the sticker.