Clothesline Valentine

Turn almost any adornment into a dangling centerpiece with a clothesline pop-up card.
Clothesline Using a clothesline pop-up is
great for any type of card.

It's okay to leave the recipient of this card hanging -- when you send this clever Valentine card. When the double door is pulled open, the suspended thread raises the pretty vellum heart.

What You Need:

  • White card stock
  • Hot Off the Press Paper Pizazz pink check vellum
  • Paper Reflections Love Letters Vellum Die Cuts
  • Ivory cotton thread


1. Download the free pattern for this project. (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software.)


2. Cut a 5-1/2 x 10-3/4-inch rectangle from white card stock. Mark, score, and fold the lines. Create "mountains" (folds that form peaks) and "valleys" (folds that point downward). Cut a 4-3/4 x 10-1/2-inch rectangle from pink check vellum. Use diagram to create folds. Create the mountains and valleys. Cut a 5-inch length of cotton thread. Pierce or punch tiny holes as indicated in diagram. Note: Hole placement is approximate; adjust for the size and desired tautness of the object hung from the line.

Buyer's Guide

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