Sunshine Sandals

Have fun in the sun with these brightly painted summer flip-flops!

What You Need:

Spread a little sunshine with every
step in these sunshine sandals.


1. Wash and dry the sandals. Your sandals can be smooth or have grooves and stripes in them like these. Follow the texture in the sandals to make your design, if desired.

2. Paint the entire top of each sandal purple. Let the paint dry.

3. Paint stripes of pink and orange as desired. Let the paint dry.

4. Paint checks or dots over the solid colors.

5. To make dots, dip the handle of the paintbrush in paint and dot onto the surface.

6. To make stripes with tiny vertical lines, first paint the base pink. Let it dry (this is important so the paint doesn't scratch off). Paint green over the pink. Comb over the wet green paint to take away the green and let the pink lines show through. Wipe the paint off the comb between each pass. You can also use dimensional fabric paint for the top layer when combing. Fabric paint is thicker and works well for making a distinctive texture.