Irish-Inspired St. Patrick's Day Decor

Browse these ideas for gorgeous green accents and classic Celtic patterns to give your home a touch of the Irish this St. Patrick's Day.

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Bells of Ireland
Bells of Ireland Display

    Long stems of bells of Ireland in a green or white vase create a beautiful, classic St. Patrick's Day touch. Offset the vase with antique green books and vintage croquet balls, as Ireland is one of the founding countries of croquet.

Green Apple Display

    An ornate bowl, jar, or vase filled with green apples -- edible or not -- is a quick and easy St. Patrick's Day decoration. Use as a centerpiece or place on a bookshelf or mantel for Irish-inspired charm.

Green Window Treatment

    Give your living room windows a quick dose of the St. Patrick's Day spirit by pinning green ribbon down the center of your curtains and loosely tying a bow at the end

    Editor's Tip: If green would clash with your curtains, make new white curtains in a snap. Back a rectangle of fabric with light-blocking fabric. Hem to fit your window, then iron and starch in pleats before stitching them in place

Green Place Mat Wall Display

    Use green place mats to make your own Pop Art this St. Patrick's Day. Both fun and versatile, this display can change with the seasons or be removed with minimal traces. Measure the wall to determine how many place mats you'll need. Look for green mats with a flower or leaf design, if possible. Punch small holes 2 inches from each side and a half inch from the top of each mat. Then use S hooks, frame-mounting wire, or fishing line to connect the place mats at an equal distance. Hang each column of mats from two small finishing nails.

Green-Ribbon Wrapped Candle

    Basic candles wrapped with green ribbon are simply perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Secure the ribbon with decorative pins. Be sure to monitor the flame so it doesn't get too close to the ribbon, and never leaving a burning candle unattended.

Green Dresser Paint Treatment

    Want a long-lasting green look that spans the seasons? Give your dresser a touch of the Irish in the form of a paint treatment. Enlarge a leaf shape, such as a shamrock, or choose something multiseasonal, as shown here. Cut as many leaves as you want from repositionable adhesive vinyl (find at a signmaker's shop). Place the leaf cutouts on the dresser drawers, apply a thin coat of acrylic matte medium, and roll on several thin coats of the finish paint. Carefully remove the vinyl when the paint is dry to the touch, using a utility knife on stubborn edges.

Green Coffee Table Display

    Available at crafts stores, moss-covered balls add an earthy green feel to this living room. A vintage metal table topped with glass offers a perfect place to showcase the Irish-inspired decor, but a large bowl or vase would also do the trick.

    Editor's Tip: If moss balls aren't available, wrap strips of green fabric around foam or wood balls. Glue the ends to secure.

Celtic-Pattern Wall Art

    These intricate looking pieces of art are easy to make and display for St. Patrick's Day. All you need are stencils (available at crafts and home improvement stores; we got ours from, watercolor paper, stencil brushes, and paint. Position the stencil on watercolor paper and fill in the design with paint. Adhere the design to mat board or decorative paper and frame.

St. Patrick's Day Planter

    Give a plastic flowerpot an Irish personality with green tape torn and attached to its surface. Use tape with subtle patterns to add interest. Fill with a nonflowering plant to continue the green theme.

Irish Napkin Decor

    Rough twine, raffia, cording, or ribbon makes an appropriately rustic napkin ring for an Irish gathering. Embellish with a real (or artificial) shamrock leaf.

Green Glass Display

    Gather a collection of green glass for an easy centerpiece. We've adorned our bottles with twists of copper wire, but you might also use the bottles as vases for stems of white flowers with tall grasses.

Green Vintage Books

    When decorating for St. Patrick's Day, you don't need to restrict yourself to shamrocks and leprechauns. Opt instead for something creative and fun that incorporates the color green, such as a collection of antique books. If you can't find books with green binding, wrap the book covers in green construction paper.

Real Shamrock Planter

    Display little pots o' luck for St. Pat's Day by planting oxalis plants (commonly called shamrocks) in jars, cups, or bowls.

Celtic Pattern Tablecloth

    Large-scale medallion and border stencils, available at crafts and home improvement stores, create this pretty Celtic pattern. Secure a tablecloth to a flat surface. Use medallion stencils on the corners and align border stencils along the sides, then fill in the stencil designs with fabric paint.

Green Ornaments Centerpiece

    Simple green ornaments displayed in clear glass vases shine with a touch of the Irish. The arrangements work great for a centerpiece or tabletop decoration.

Earthy Candle Display

    Smooth river rocks and votive candles in rustic clay pots evoke the rocky shores of the Irish coast and its companion lighthouses. Place votives in a shallow dish and surround with rocks of various sizes. Tuck in bits of moss for a hint of green.

Festive Flowers

    Dress up a side table in honor of St. Patrick's Day with flowers in a petite green vase. Pick flowers with pretty green leaves and little blooms to maximize the holiday's color of honor.

Napkin Tie

    Create fresh napkin rings using long, slender spike leaves wrapped around white linen napkins. No leaves? Try a green satin or grosgrain ribbon or a length of raffia to tie each napkin.

Bells of Ireland Topiary

    This topiary is a perfect addition to your St. Paddy's Day decor. Made from bells of Ireland, jingle bells, and a silver cup, this festive tree is easy to assemble. Insert stems into a florist's foam cone. Then randomly scatter jingle bells secured with twisted chenille stems. A satin bow makes a fancy finish.

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