Beautiful Fall Living Rooms

The space you relax in deserves the full fall treatment. No living room corner goes overlooked -- from window ledge to mantel top -- in this collection of pretty fall looks and inspirations.

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4 Incredibly Cool Halloween Ideas

These must-see ideas are super fun accessories for your Halloween party. From a vampire place setting to a fresh spin on caramel apples, you'll be inspired to start creating.

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Easy No-Carve Pumpkins

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Long-Lasting Halloween Wreath

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Pretty Front Entry Decorating Ideas for Fall

Use these pretty fall decorating ideas to add pizzazz to your porch this autumn. Whether it's a gourd, wreath, or full porch display, you're sure to find beautiful fall inspiration for your front entry.

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Popular in Holidays

Cross-Stitch Leprechaun

You don't have to catch him to land your pot of gold. Look no further than this clever needlework project.

What You Need:

Catch this folkloric Irish elf with needle and floss.
  • 9 x 14-inch piece of Wichelt 26-count gold Lurex (#722-24) Jobelan fabric
  • DMC embroidery floss in the colors listed in the color key
  • Kreinik Balger blending filament: one reel each of Gold (002), Green (008), Chartreuse (015), Copper (021), and Citron (028)
  • No. 24 tapestry needle; beading needle
  • Masking tape or sewing thread
  • 2 black seed beads (eyes)
  • 4 black doll buttons
  • Mill Hill petite seed beads: Gold (40557)
  • Sewing thread: black
  • 1-inch piece of narrow gold chain
  • Brass charms: two keys, one coin, and one horseshoe
  • 6 x 15-inch piece of backing fabric
  • 6 x 11-inch piece each of fleece and iron-on interfacing
  • 3 x 4-inch piece of mat board
  • 3 x 4-inch piece of paper-backed fusible web
  • 1 yard of 3/8-inch-wide flat trim
  • Polyester fiberfill; doll stuffing beads
  • Tracing paper

1. Download the free patterns for this project. (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software.)

Leprechaun cross-stitch pattern

Download Adobe Acrobat

This clever elf is stitched on even- weave Jobelan fabric that glistens with golden threads.

4. To add sparkle, use two strands of blending filament to overstitch leprechaun, making half cross-stitches that lie in the same direction as top stitch of existing cross-stitch. Overstitch collar and pocket with Chartreuse (015), body of jacket and hat with Green (008), pants with Copper (021), and gold bag and shoe buckles with Citron (028).

2. Overcast or bind raw edges of fabric with masking tape to prevent threads from raveling. Locate center of chart by following arrows on grid until they meet. To find center of fabric, fold it in half each way; finger-crease. Unfold and begin stitching where creases intersect.

3. Separate the six-strand embroidery floss and use three strands to work cross-stitches over two threads of fabric.

5. Turn completed stitchery facedown on a heavy towel, and press using a damp cloth and warm iron.

6. Use a beading needle and one strand of black thread to sew black beads over eyes. Sew buttons on jacket and hat where indicated. Use Gold (002) blending filament to sew one end of chain to lower jacket front. Sew remaining end and keys to jacket side. Sew about 50 petite gold beads to bad with beading needle and one strand of Straw (3821) floss. Sew horseshoe and coin to bag with Gold (002) blending filament. For bag tie, cut an 8-inch length of Coffee Brown (801) floss. Bring ends to right side; tie in a bow.

7. Pin fleece to wrong side of stitchery; machine-baste 1/2 inch outside outermost cross-stitches, keeping curves smooth and bottom edge straight. Note: Basting line is finished shape of figure.

8. Pin, then sew flat trim to right side of stitchery atop previous basting line on three sides, omitting bottom.

9. From backing fabric, cut a 6x11-inch piece; set aside remaining fabric for base. Fuse interfacing to wrong side of backing fabric. Pin leprechaun centered on backing with right sides together. Sew on basting line, leaving bottom open. Trim fabric to 1/4 inch around figure, leaving 1/2 inch at bottom. Clip curves; turn right side out.

10. Trace base pattern onto tracing paper; cut out. Trace pattern on mat board; cut out. Trace pattern on fusible web; cut out 1/2 inch outside traced line. Fuse web to back of remaining backing fabric. Cut out fabric around web shape; remove paper backing. Fuse fabric centered on mat board; clip outside edge of fabric and fuse clipped edges to back side of mat board.

11. Firmly stuff leprechaun with fiberfill from head to knees. To weight figure, fill from knees to feet with doll stuffing beads. Fold under bottom edge of leprechaun. Hand-sew fabric-covered mat board to bottom of doll, adding stuffing beads as necessary.


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