Springtime Vase

Jazzy stripes and dots turn a plain white vase into a striking container for spring flowers.

What You Need:

  • White bud vase
  • Glass paints in black, bright pink, purple, and yellow
  • Paintbrush


Spice up a plain vase with glass
paints; it's quick and easy.

1. Paint the rings of the vase using different colors. Let the paint dry between coats.

2. To paint stripes, paint vertical strokes, leaving white between each.

3. To add small dots at the base, dip the handle end of a paintbrush into paint and dot onto the surface.

4. For the squares, make short strokes with a flat paintbrush.

5. Let the paint dry. Look on the paint's label to see if the manufacturer has recommended baking in the oven.

More Ideas:

  • For special get-togethers, paint a set of teacups or coffee or soup mugs using these techniques.
  • Start with a clear glass vase. Paint it white and let it dry before adding the stripes and dots of color.