Springtime Napkin Rings

An evening is all it takes to braid up a table full of these pretty napkin rings.

What You Need:

Spring is in the air with these
braided napkin holders.

  • 3 colors of chenille stems
  • Paper towel tube
  • Ruler


1. Choose six chenille stems, two of each color. Even up the ends of chenille stems, grouping colors. Leaving 3 inches at one end, begin to braid the chenille stems. Stop braiding 3 inches from the opposite end.

2. For looped ends, bend over the chenille stems to form loops. Secure by wrapping a separate chenille stem around the ends. Tuck end of chenille stem into wraps.

3. For wrapped ends, braid entire length of six chenille stems. Wrap ends tightly with a separate chenille stem.

4. To shape, wrap braided chenille stems around a paper tube.