Spooky Shopping

Not quite ready for Halloween this year? Not to worry -- we've done your homework for you. Find the best online shopping sites for costumes, carving tools, decorations, and tricks-and-treats.
Amazing Costumes

What are you going to be for Halloween? From Harry Potter to Catdog, we found an "unboolievable" variety of costumes for newborns, teens, plus-size adults, even the dog. And the values are truly scary, starting at just $4.99 (eek!). Cuddle up with a little goblin or two and browse these sites for the most frightful costumes and accessories.

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Magic Costumes

Looking for sumptuous, theatrical quality costumes for kids and adults? For children, try the twinkling Star Fairy costume ($40) or the Peter Pan costume, complete with feathered cap ($45). Adults and teens will enjoy browsing through the large selection of period, character and dance costumes like the Juliet costume ($90) or the Tango Today costume ($115) and the great goofy headgear like the Hot Dog hat ($30) or the Flower Pot hat ($45).


Frank Bee Costume

Well-organized and easy to navigate, this site lets you decide how crazy to get. Choose Darth Maul ($15.99), Darth Maul deluxe ($37.99) or Darth Maul super-deluxe ($59.99). Six kiddie bride costumes range from Bride ($21.99) to Princess Bride ($39.95), and the site has full-cut costumes for adults.


Toys 'R Us

Power Rangers.
The Power Rangers Role Play Set is
available at toysrus.com.

Who could resist the Power Rangers Role Play set in red ($11.99) or the wizard's wardrobe, complete with hat, cape and wand ($9.99)? Can't make up her mind? My Original Dress Ups! Fancy Me! deluxe trunk ($19.99) can transform your little lovely into a bride or princess or ballerina.


Extreme Halloween.com

Angel Dog
Find this Lil' Angel at

Baby Pumpkin ($15.95, infants) is scrumptious; the Scream costume ($17.95, kids) is good for a night full of shrieks; and the Lil' Angel ($12.95) is divine for a cat or dog.


Bad Planet

Charming children's costumes at reasonable prices on this site include a witch ($15) and a pirate ($15). Teen sizes and baby sleeper costumes are here too. The Addams Family Morticia Costume ($42, adults) is to die for.


The Disney Store

A princess costume from The Disney

Disney character costumes for children include a "102 Dalmatians" costume with sound ($29), while the Cruella costume ($59) brings out the DeVille in you. Let your little princess choose from five different Disney princess costumes ($29.99 each).



Sample the bargains in the Costume Closeouts area -- like the yummy Dough Boy costume ($4.99). While Dad relives his past in his Hippie Man ($17.99 for XL), your teen can be moody as the Daughter of Darkness Teen ($14.99).


Halloween Mart

Need a Cyrano nose ($7)? Chili Pepper Bunting ($24) for baby or a Daisy dog ($10) for the pooch? Or is Catdog ($26, kids) the family's favorite pet(s)?


Halloween Outlet

At this must-see site for the truly ghoulish, teen boys will love the sci-fi, hi-tech look and the Headless Highwayman costume ($49). Official Austin Powers teeth ($14.99) will scare any dentist, and eyeballs ($19 a pair) come in four appealing shades.



Your tiny dancer will love the 13 ballerina costumes, like the dazzling Blue Glitter Dress ($39.00), or maybe she'd rather be a Cottage Princess, complete with taffeta skirt and petticoat ($25). Boys or girls could blast off in the Astronaut costume ($49) and baby will look purrfect in the Infant Kitten costume ($25).


Caped Crusaders

Wizard Costumes
Outfit your child in Harry Potter
attire at www.capedcrusaders.com.

Harry Potter fans and wizards-in-training will be properly attired in the grand velour and satin robe and hat of the Wizards costume, including round glasses ($65). For children who hate to fuss with costumes, the hooded Jungle capes ($28) offer a choice of Lion, Tiger, Zebra or Dino Dragon-add a little face paint and any outfit becomes a comfy costume.


Hollywood Toys & Costumes

Whether you have a potential little Ninja ($24.99), charming Alice in Wonderland ($25.99) or adorable Baby Eeyore ($17.99) to outfit, this site has a large assortment of children's costumes at reasonable prices (the Elvis-inspired Rock Star costume ($29.99) is a real hoot). Teen boys (and their dads) will love the scary Skeleton costume($24.99) or the even scarier Skulltar the Sorcerer costume ($43.99), while teen girls (and their moms) can indulge in the soulful Spanish Dancer costume ($28.99) or the regal Nefertiti costume ($29.99).



Here are costumes galore for the whole family. The Spy Kids Action Suit ($29.99) is perfect for boy or girl spies and any child can visit an octopus' garden in the Scuba Diver costume ($24.99). Would your young lady prefer to be a Shimmering Butterfly ($23.99) or a sparkly Barbie Sugar Plum Fairy ($29.99)? Which will your little fellow choose- the fearless Dragonballz Vegeta ($17.99) or Digimon Gabumon ($19.99)? Mom can reveal her true identity with the Wonder Woman costume ($41.99) while Dad is ready to party in his Toga Male costume ($17.99) complete with gold sash. Teens will get a kick out of the SNL costumes like the pumped-up SNL Hans & Franz ($53.99) or the plaid clad SNL Mary Katherine Gallagher ($31.99).

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