Snow-Dipped Ornaments

These ornaments will add a light touch of fallen snow to your tree, and they're simple and fun to create.

What You Need:

Make your own white Christmas.


1. Prepare the paint. Pour a small amount of white paint onto a piece of waxed paper or a paper plate.

2. Create a "clothesline" for drying the ornaments. Tie a length of jute between two sturdy supports, making sure the line is taut.

Photo 1: Sponge painting

3. Use sponge to paint ornaments. Dip a dampened sea sponge into the paint, then pat it on a piece of scrap paper to remove the excess paint. Pat the sponge onto an ornament, being careful not to cover the ball entirely so that some of the red color still shows through (see Photo 1). Hang the ornaments on jute line to dry.

Photo 2: Solid-snow effect

4. For a solid-snow effect: Submerge the bottom half of an ornament in the paint, holding the ball at an angle (see Photo 2). Let the excess paint drip back into the can. Hang the ornament to dry.