Sequin-Studded Plate

Transform an ordinary paper plate into a "boo-tiful" serving piece more quickly than a witch casts a spell.

What You Need:

Serve up your treats with some
snazzy color.

  • Lime green paper plate
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paper punch
  • Eyelets in black and white
  • Eyelet tool
  • 3/4-inch bangle sequins in lime green, orange, and purple


1. Measure and mark 3/4-inch intervals around the plate. Use a paper punch to make a hole by each mark, 1/4-inch from the plate edge. Place an eyelet in the hole of a sequin and then into a hole in the plate.

2. Use the eyelet tool to secure sequin in place. Continue working in this manner by overlapping the sequins and alternating the sequin and eyelet colors.