Patriotic Silverware

Celebrate the red, white, and blue with a family picnic and our patriotic silverware.

What You Need:

Eating is always more fun with
whimsical silverware.

  • Purchased flatware with white plastic handles
  • 1/4-inch-wide masking tape
  • Binder reinforcements (available at discount and office supply stores)
  • Decor color paint pens (available in art and crafts stores)


1. Wash the flatware with soap and water. Allow to dry thoroughly. Do not touch the handles.

2. To make stripes, wrap pieces of masking tape around the handles. Burnish (rub) the edges. To make circles, apply binder reinforcements as desired.

3. Paint exposed portion with paint pens, stroking the paint in one direction. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly. Remove the masking tape or reinforcements. Make any necessary corrections using the paint pens. Note: This flatware can be handwashed only.

More Ideas:

  • Use small vinyl lettering to write initials or a short message on the flatware handles.
  • For Christmas flatware, use red, green, and metallic silver and gold paints.