26 Recipes for a New Year's Buffet

These side- and main-dish recipes are great for buffet parties. After New Year's dinner, your guests can keep munching on our yummy New Year's appetizers until the clock strikes 12!

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    Roasted Corn and Crab Dip

    So long, store-bought dips. Corn and crab pair up for an appetizer that's as unique as it is delicious. It's New Year's Eve, so go ahead -- have two (or three!) servings.

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    Pizza Dippers

    Pizza: one of those recipes that's loved by kids and adults alike. Our homemade marinara sauce takes only 20 minutes -- making this New Year's appetizer super easy.

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    Ricotta Meatballs

    Dress up regular meatballs in honor of the holiday -- by dress up, we mean stuff them with ricotta cheese. Plus, this make-ahead appetizer can hang out in your freezer for a month before the party. 

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    Chili-Pasta Skillet

    Chili and pasta combine for a hearty New Year's dinner. This cheesy crowd-pleaser pairs perfectly with festive New Year's cocktails.

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    BLT Dip

    Three cheers to bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes! This creamy dip is a crowd-pleasing combination of the namesake BLT ingredients with the addition of onions, sour cream, and lots of cheese.

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    Bacon-Wrapped Smokies

    Party guests will happily eat these bacon bites all night long while waiting for the ball to drop.

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    Spicy White Chili

    It's cold outside! Your guests will definitely appreciate a New Year's dinner that warms them up -- especially when it's as yummy as this white chili with rotisserie chicken.

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    Meat Loaf Muffins

    Piling mashed potatoes, cranberry-tomato sauce, and a little cheese on top of a too-cute meat loaf muffin will make for an adorable dinner display. Thanks to muffin tins, cleanup is super easy (which will let you get back to the party extra quick).

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    Garlic-Roasted Asparagus

    Thank goodness these only take 15 minutes of prep time, because your hungry guests will eat them up in no time.

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    Ham and Cheese Slab Pies

    Ham, Gruyere, and cream cheese are wrapped in puff pastry in this adult-approved twist on a kids' classic. It can be made up to two months ahead -- in case you're looking to plan your New Year's party extra far in advance!

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    Cheesy Hasselback New Potatoes

    This cheesy treat pairs perfectly with a glass of champagne.

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    Crowd-Pleasing French Fry Toppers

    New Year's Eve deserves more than your average fries. Try these -- and prepare to be impressed.

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    Insanely Good Chicken Tender Coatings

    Jazz up regular ol' chicken tenders for a party-perfect dish.

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    Blue Cheese- and Walnut-Stuffed Mushrooms

    Make your New Year's party look -- and taste -- fancy with minimal effort.

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    Beer and Cheddar Fondue

    For a large party, double or triple the recipe, then serve the fondue in a slow cooker on the low setting. The thick crock and gentle heat will keep the fondue warm and smooth so you can keep dunking all night long! 

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    Cheesy Mashed Potato Pots

    We're celebrating the New Year with our favorite side dish. Extra cheese, please!

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    Crispy Fruit Chips

    Starting your New Year's resolution early? These chips are sweet, healthy, and sure to delight party guests.

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    Potato-Goat Cheese Gratin

    Even a rich dish like potato gratin can be lightened by using nonfat milk and goat cheese -- and it'll save you some room for those delicious New Year's desserts.

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    5 Finger-Licking Chicken Wing Recipes

    When you've got five types of wings, it's guaranteed that everyone at the party will find one they love.

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    Winter Slaw with Kale and Cabbage

    This pretty salad will help you end your year on a good note.

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    Bacon Chocolate Bark

    When bacon and chocolate are involved, you can never go wrong.

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    Ranch Deviled Eggs

    It's not a party without these easy-to-serve deviled eggs.

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    Chicken-Vegetable Mac and Cheese

    Easy and cheesy -- what more could you ask for?

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    Gluten-Free Spicy Kale Chips

    Munch on spicy chips (minus the guilt) as you're waiting for the ball to drop.

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    Five-Spice Chicken Wings

    Hot and spicy chicken wings will keep everyone wide awake!

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    Make-Ahead Buffalo Chicken Sliders

    Make these the night before so you can fully enjoy the festivities without running back to the kitchen every 5 minutes.

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