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Elegant Dinner Entertaining Menu

Salmon in Phyllo is an elegant entree, one that fits beautifully with the rest of this menu. Do the shopping three days before the dinner, and most of t the prep two days before. The only thing you need to pick up the day of the dinner is fresh fish -- but frozen salmon is quite good, so you could also use that option to avoid last-minute shopping.


Peppered Herb Cheese Ball

Peppered Herb Cheese Ball recipe

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Main Course

Salmon in Phyllo with Dill Mustard Sauce

Salmon in Phyllo with Dill Mustard Sauce recipe

This timeline shows you how far in advance food preparation for the menu can take place. Following these tips allows maximum time with your guests and minimum fuss.

Up to 2 days before dinner

  • Prepare mustard cream sauce; cover and refrigerate.
  • Cut green beans for Green Beans Amandine; cover and refrigerate.
  • Cut carrots for Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots; cover and refrigerate.

Up to 1 day before dinner

  • Prepare Herb Cheese Ball.

Up to 6 hours before dinner

  • Prepare salmon through step 2.
  • Prepare potatoes. Cover and keep at room temperature.

Up to 2 hours before dinner

  • Bring Herb Cheese Ball to room temperature.
  • Bake Clafouti.

40 minutes before dinner

  • Bake salmon packets; bring sauce to room temperature.
  • Cook Green Beans Amandine and keep warm.
  • Cook carrots and keep warm.

20 minutes before dinner

  • Reheat potatoes in oven.

After serving entree

  • Reheat Clafouti briefly, just to warm.

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