Sparkling New Year's Celebration

Welcome guests to a party that reflects your mood for the season. A New Year's table filled with sparkle, bright colors, and retro decorations leaves no doubt that fun is in store.
New Year's Reflections

Cheers! It's time to pull out all the stops and celebrate. While some may prefer New Year's Eve for looking back on the previous year, we look back even further to a time when silver trees, Miami-bright colors, mirrored balls, and top hats were in vogue. Put some old-fashioned rock and roll on the stereo and party away.

There's no doubt that fun and funky is the theme for a New Year's celebration done up with bright colors and loads of sparkle. A vintage aluminum tree is the inspiration for the mirrored centerpiece and retro-style hat and horn ornaments.

Flamingo-pink linens provide a strong background for all the sparkle and fit well with the rest of the fanciful designs. If bright linens aren't available in the size or color you need, use fabric dye to tint 100-percent-cotton linens the shade you desire. For extra-bold colors, a double dose of dye or more than one trip through the dye bath may be needed.

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