Pretty New Year's Party Decorations

Welcome the New Year with these festive ideas for party favors, napkin folds, centerpieces, and pretty table settings.

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  • Silver Champagne Cozy

    Here's an idea for a bottle of bubbly. These bottle wraps are so easy to make that you'll want some for entertaining and some for gifts.

  • Party Favor Tins

    At the end of your celebration, present each guest with a small gift tin filled with sweets -- to be savored on the way home or saved for another day.

  • Ring in the New Year

    Ringing in a New Year is a special celebration. Don't be afraid to break out the fine china and linens with friends. You don't have to set a formal table -- just arrange stacks on the buffet table and decorate with sweet flower bunches tucked in pieces of silver or crystal from your collection.

  • Create Drama

    Tall displays of food add a dramatic touch to a sideboard. These stacked cake pedestals were lined with flat cedar sprigs and piled with fruit and cookies. (Be sure to secure each pedestal with florist's clay or clear museum wax.)

  • Colorful Flowers

    Don't think you have to make a huge splash with a flower arrangement. Instead, consider using single blooms in small vases. A handful of berry branches adds some holiday cheer and a bit of texture.

  • Starry Mantel Decor

    Silver spray paint helps create a cohesive look for these mantel decorations. Even a country-style twig wreath gets a makeover with metallic paint and is garnished simply with star shapes. A metallic-color theme is also a great way to update holiday decorations for New Year's Eve.

  • White Is Right

    Silver and white is an easy color scheme to pull off and has a wintry air that's perfect for a holiday party. Show off a variety of silver containers filled with white blooms, and set out white candles and ornaments.

  • Menu Cards

    Here's a classy touch for a holiday gathering. Set out a menu card listing the dishes on a buffet table. It's a festive way to announce the menu -- and it will help guests who wish to avoid certain food items.

  • Fancy Flutes

    With these clever wire-wrapped glasses, your toast to the season is sure to be unforgettable.

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    New Year's Color

    Add color to a buffet by piling purple napkins into a bowl. Ringed with silver napkin rings, they look wonderful with silver, white, and black decorations for the evening.

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    Table Color

    Bright color automatically creates an atmosphere of celebration. Add folded napkins, silver, and colored glassware for a table that will be the talk of the town. (See this napkin fold on the following slide.)

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    Fold a Colorful Napkin

    This table accent is easy to make. Simply scrunch and roll a napkin as shown, then tie with a pretty sheer ribbon. See the finished fold on the previous slide.

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    Crackers Project

    Celebrate the New Year with pop-open party favors that are full of surprises.

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    Fortune Cookie Table Setting

    Impress your guests with embellished goblets and chocolate-covered fortune cookies.

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    Toast the New Year

    At midnight, invite family and friends to mark the end of the old year and a fresh start for the New Year.

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    Dessert Showstopper

    When you have a dessert this gorgeous, use it as a table decoration during your party. It is not only pretty to look at but also a delicious end to the evening.

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