A New Year's Party at Home: Celebrate with the Kids

Celebrate New Year's Eve with good food, great activities, fun resolutions -- and your kids. Staying home for the holiday has never been so much fun.
New Year's Party Activities and Decorations
New Year?s party display

After hosting holidays rich with tradition and expectation, a low-key approach to New Year's Eve can be relaxing. Here are some ideas to make your family-friendly New Year's Eve one to remember.

For starters, the decorations and party favors should be part of the New Year's celebration. A few ideas:

  1. Make your own festive New Year's party hats with cardstock that you roll into cone shapes. (Link to the pattern and printables for our projects appear at the bottom of this page.)
  2. Headbands from a drugstore tied with tulle make cute crowns. (Pattern and printables for our projects, below.)
  3. Tie jingle bells to dowels for easy noisemakers.
  4. Cut up scraps of paper to throw when the clock strikes 12 (and keep a vacuum nearby to clean up the mess).
  5. Young families can set the clock ahead and declare the New Year at bedtime. Throw that confetti, blow those party horns, and bang pots. Then tuck in little ones for the night.

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