Adorable Melted Snowman Cocktail

Say goodbye Frosty and hello to the cutest holiday drink ever. Make this 6-ingredient melted snowman cocktail that you and Santa can enjoy.

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The Christmas Traditions We Celebrate Every Year

Everybody loves a good Christmas tradition! These yearly activities tend to be the parts of the season that we look forward to the most. They allow for extra wallowing in all things Christmas. We invited four bloggers to share their own crafty Christmas traditions. With cake-making, holiday recipes, and sweet, sentimental decorating ideas, these classic, annual events give us another excuse to celebrate the holidays.

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Delightful Christmas Brunch Recipes

After gifts are opened, sit down to a delicious Christmas brunch the whole family will love. These delicious brunch recipes, including Christmas breakfast casseroles, cinnamon rolls, and pastries, are sure to make your Christmas morning memorable. Bonus: Almost all of these breakfast recipes are easy to make ahead.

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5-Minute Microwave Fudge

Making your own fudge has never been easier. With only five ingredients you have created the perfect holiday party favor or gift.

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Flea Market Christmas Decor

Sure, you can find gorgeous used, vintage or even antique Christmas decorations at a good flea market. But the best flea market finds for Christmas might not be so obvious.

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9 Unexpected Places to Add Holiday Decor

From your kid's sports equipment basket to your stairs, here are 9 surprising places in your home to add a touch of holiday. There is no place exempt from a little cheer this Christmas season!

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Peppermint Jello Shots Just Rocked Your Holidays

Get the party started with these amazing peppermint gelatin shots your guests won't forget.

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Easy Ideas for New Year's Tables

Spice up a New Year's table with these festive projects and decorating touches.


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    • What's Your Fortune?

      Tiny envelopes stand in for place cards, yet these have an extra secret. Inside is a special New Year's wish, fortune, or prediction. Set each envelope on a plate or punch a hole in the corner and string with metallic ribbon that can be tied around a napkin.

    • Dressed-Up Bottle Bags

      Give any plain bottle bag a touch of glam with dimensional glitter paint applied in swirls, scrolls, or squiggles. Tie the tops with festive cording or ribbon, adding party favors if desired.

    • Easy Scrolls

      Twist metallic chenille stems (pipe cleaners) into a unique napkin ring. Start by folding one stem in half, twist to secure, then attach the ends to form a circle. Next, add a few additional stems, wrapping ends around a pencil to form curlicues. Finally, unwrap each scroll and arrange.

    • Wine Charming

      Make gloriously pretty wine charms using 4-inch jewelry eye pins (or bent wire). String with your choice of beads or tiny Christmas ornaments, keeping to one color per wire.

    • Celebratory Centerpiece

      Multiply sparkle and candlelight by using a mirrored theme on a tabletop. Inexpensive mirror coasters, ornaments, and charms add a festive look and combine easily with most any color of table linens. Look for mirrored pieces at crafts, party, or floral supply stores.

    • Fall Forward

      Touches of sparkle will carry ordinary table or shelf displays into the holidays. Glass ornaments are an inexpensive way to give a party look.

    • Red Luxe

      Knot a prestrung skein of beads around a pretty napkin to create a luxurious jeweled look. Or glue similar bead strings around a ribbon-wrapped cardboard tube or garage-sale napkin ring.

    • Painted Mirrors

      Decorate small beveled mirror coasters with stripes or swirls of acrylic paint. Once dry, use white crafts glue to attach crafts-store gems. Coordinate the paint and gems to your candle color, or go multicolored for a festive look.

      Tip: make sure the gems won't be in the way of setting candles flat on the mirror.

    • Golden

      A handful of star-shape ornaments are nearly the only color on this festive table. White linens and china always offer an elegant look.

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      Feathered Finery

      Dress up a plain white tablecloth with an overcloth of sheer fabric or inexpensive tulle netting. Silver mesh fabric squares are tied to hold confetti as party favors. Under the plates, a circle of white feather boa (available in crafts stores) is a festive touch. Glue it to a foil-wrapped cardboard circle, or tuck the boas under the rim of the place plates.

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      To disguise your bright eyes for a New Year's party or Mardi Gras, let them take flight in a fantasy of feathers.

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      Cool and Contemporary

      Blues and greens combine with white to create a table perfect for a New Year's bash. This runner was hand-sewn, but similar looks could be put together from purchased linens. Glass candleholders dress up both tall candles and simple tree ornaments.

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      Letter Perfect

      It's easy to make unique wine charms for your party. Look for letter charms in a crafts store, purchasing one for each of your guests. Thread seed beads onto a 16-inch length of wire, ending with a few large beads and a letter charm. Wrap the wire around a dowel to make tight coils that will twist around the stem of your wine glasses.

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      Plain linen napkins get a touch of modern style with a stenciled or embroidered monogram and a scattering of tiny glass beads sewn on for sparkle.

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      On the Ledge

      Small glass ornaments give a plain pinecone ball a whole new look. Give it importance by placing on top of a vase, pedestal, or compote. For an added touch, a handful of color-coordinated larger ornaments sit on the tabletop.

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      Beaded Icicle

      Bring the twinkle of icicles to your party with a dangling decoration made from prisms and beads. Start with the bottom pendant, adding more beads above it. Finish with a circle of wire to attach an ornament hook. Use on a Christmas tree or as a party favor, gift decoration, or napkin ring embellishment.

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      Silver Tree

      A small silver Christmas tree can look just right at New Year's if you dress it up in blue, hot pink, purple, and black. Party favor horns, tiny festive hats, miniature champagne bottles, and wired ribbon stand in for "ornaments," adding even more New Year's flair.

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