New Year's Eve Dinner

This New Year's Eve Dinner is perfect for six.
Salad with Pastry Packages Salad with Pastry Packages

A menu for someone who wants to pull out all the stops and prepare an elegant dinner for six.

Salad with Pastry Packages In each salad "package" is a flavor-packed cheese-and-grape surprise.


Scampi Shrimp Skewers Shrimp, red sweet pepper, and green onion brushed with lemon butter.


Chicken Liver and Mushroom Pate Serve this pate with crusty baguette slices, on melba rounds, or even with plain crackers or bagel chips.


Lamb Chops Au Poivre When you're in a hurry for a fancy feast, this entree definitely impresses.


Yuca with Garlic and Rosemary Yuca is a mild-flavored starchy root vegetable with a tough dark skin that is peeled like a potato.


Double Chocolate Lava Baby Cakes Dense chocolate cake hides a rich torrent of caramel in this pint-size dessert.