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Twig Wreath

Bring the fresh feeling of spring indoors with dried lavender and birch twigs.

What You Need:

  • Thin twigs such as spirea, birch, or pussy willow
  • Spool of very thin crafts wire
  • Dried lavender sprigs, globe amaranth, or other flowers
  • Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive (optional)
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1. Cut the twigs to roughly the same length -- at least 18 inches long or even much longer, depending on the size of the wreath. If you plan to use the wreath in a covered area outside, choose either copper or brass crafts wire. For indoor use, any kind of very thin wire, including steel, will work.

2. Determine the diameter of the inside of your wreath; bend a long twig to form a circle of this size, and wrap the ends with wire to hold it. Assemble a few twigs and, using the circle as a form, bend and wire the twigs around the form. Place the next few twigs to overlap the cut ends of the previous bunch, bending and wiring them as before. Continue until the entire circular form is covered with twigs.

3. Beginning at one side of the wreath, tuck in sprigs of lavender with all stems pointing in the direction of the twigs. Add stems of other flowers, as desired. For a more permanent wreath, spot-glue the stems to the wreath.

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