Mother's Day Lunch

A beautiful meal for a beautiful woman -- your mother.

For this ladies-only lunch, pick a day when all of you -- including the cook -- can enjoy a meal at your leisure.

Melon Sparklers The fruit of a Galia melon looks like honeydew, but isn't as sweet.


Fruited Cheese-Filled Lemon Biscuits Another time, for a more substantial filling, replace the fruit with chopped cooked turkey or chicken.


Lemon Biscuits Prepare a double batch of these tender biscuits so you'll have enough to make 12 of the sandwiches.


Pink Geranium Cake Scented geranium leaves add a light pleasing flavor to this pink layered cake frosted with a creamy, pink buttercream frosting.


Smoked Chicken Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette Stop at the deli department of your supermarket for smoked chicken breast.

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