Mother's Day Recipes

Mother's Day is a time for pampering Mom—and what better way to pamper her than to make a meal with her favorite recipes? Our Mother's Day recipes are perfect for gathering inspiration for a sweet Mother's Day breakfast in bed or an elaborate Mother's Day brunch. For a simple Mother's Day breakfast, check out our easy-to-make pancake recipes. Mom will love anything homemade, and we have a lot of recipes to choose from—just be sure to ask her what her favorite foods are before you start planning her Mother's Day menu. Our best brunch recipes—featuring traditional egg and potato dishes, plus inventive twists on classics like waffles and English muffins—are designed to serve a small group, so include your whole family in the festivities. If you're having company, focus on table decor—our pretty Mother's Day decorations inspire you to turn floral accents, photos, and votive candles into table embellishments to make any Mother's Day meal feel extra special. Finally, follow our steps to plan the perfect Mother's Day that Mom will absolutely love!


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More Mother's Day Brunch Recipes
Easy and Delicious Breakfast Casseroles

Move the work out of the a.m. These Mother's Day recipes serve both a small and large crowd (and can even be made ahead!).

Our Best Brunch Recipes

We've got the tastiest brunch recipes all in one place. Stop in for savory, sweet, and more brunch favorites.

Healthy Brunch Recipes

Enjoy this delicious recipes that only taste decadent. Mom will love these healthy ideas for brunch.

Mother's Day Lunches
Tasty Salad Recipes

Put together a fresh salad to enjoy as a mid-day Mother's Day meal.

Sandwich Recipes

Enjoy a better-than-ordinary sandwich for a Mother's Day picnic.

Soups and Stews

Soup's on! Make Mom's favorite soup recipe for lunch on her special holiday.

Mother's Day Desserts
Spring Cakes & Cupcakes

Our adorable cakes and cupcakes make the perfect treat to serve Mom.

Make Her Dream Dessert!

Try out this nifty tool to choose a dessert that perfectly suits Mom's tastes.

Hyacinth Flower Cake Pops

These Hyacinth cake pops are the perfect tasty centerpiece for your brunch.

Everything in Mother's Day Recipes
Meals for Mom


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