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Make a Pretty May Day Basket

For a fun springtime tradition, make a colorful May Day basket and fill it with candy or flowers to hang on a neighbor’s door. We tell you what goes in our May Day baskets and give you a few ideas to make your own.

History of May Day Baskets

On the first of May, sneak up to a neighbor's front door and surprise him or her with a cute basket filled with flowers, candy, or small gifts. The trick is not to get caught while doing it -- or according to tradition, you're supposed to get a kiss. See our ideas for May Day baskets and what to put in them, below.

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Two May Day Basket Ideas You Can Make

May Day baskets can be made from many different materials, such as scrapbook paper and ribbon, flowerpots, or recycled tin cans. Get creative with your May Day basket this year with our easy ideas.

May Day Basket Idea #1: Scrapbook Paper Cones

Roll a piece of pretty patterned scrapbook paper into a cone shape and secure with tape. Punch two holes on opposite sides of the opening, and thread a colorful ribbon through them so you can hang your May Day basket on a doorknob. Gently fill with paper flowers, lollipops, and other small, lightweight candy.

May Day Basket #2: Flowerpot with Hanging Wire

Grab an unused flowerpot and a wire hanger for this easy May Day basket. Put your goodies inside the pot -- since it’s a flowerpot, fresh flowers will always look great -- and create a handle by reshaping the wire hanger around the top just below the lip of the flowerpot. Remember to attach a tag!

Editor’s Tip: Depending on the size of the flowerpot, you may need two wire hangers. Bend the first into a circle to go around the pot. Bend the second into a longer handle shape, attaching it to the first by bending the ends into hooks and wrapping them around the circle wire.

More Ideas for May Day Baskets:

  • Hammer holes in the sides of a tin can, run twine or ribbon through each hole, and knot each end inside. Fill with treats.
  • Fill a strawberry basket that's been rinsed off with small candy pieces; tie a ribbon or piece of string to both ends to hang your basket.
  • Cover an empty whipped topping tub with colorful scrapbook paper, punch two holes on either side, and make a hanger by running twine through the holes. Fill with flowers.

What to Put in Your May Day Basket:

  • Flowers and other greenery picked from the yard.
  • Simple baked goods, such as banana bread slices or cookies wrapped in plastic wrap so they'll stay fresh.
  • Store-bought candy.
  • Paper flowers, made from chenille stems and layers of tissue paper; or other easy springtime crafts projects.

Make one of our all-time favorite cookie recipes to add a sweet homemade treat to your May Day basket.

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