Mother's Day Gifts from the Heart

These handcrafted and personalized Mother's Day gifts are sure to make Mom feel special. Create them yourself or include the kids; some are easy enough for the little ones to make.

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Mother?s Day Paper Pin
Mother's Day Paper Pin

    Fashion a beautiful paper brooch for Mom to wear on her special day. Cut out paper circles and make small slits all the way around for a petal effect. Layer different colors, sizes, and shapes for dimension, and cover the center with a cute button. Hot-glue a pin to the back.

    Editor's Tip: Make paper-pieced jewelry more durable by constructing it out of heavyweight cardstock.

Kitchen Artwork for Mom

    Create graphic silhouette artwork featuring kitchen utensils. Trace the kitchen utensils on white contact paper (available at crafts stores) and carefully cut out the shapes. Arrange and adhere the shapes onto colorful mat board, then place in a frame. This project isn't limited to cooking shapes, so get inspired by other household objects that remind you of Mom, such as jewelry or an antique hand mirror.

Paper Mother's Day Bouquet

    Surprise Mom with a gorgeous bouquet of brilliant paper flowers that will last long after Mother's Day is over.

Fish-Stamped Towel

    Involve the kids in adorning plain kitchen or bath towels with cute stamps, such as the family of fish shown here. No stamps? No problem. You can use a half of a potato to make these smart little fish and other simple shapes. Simply draw a design that will fit the size and shape of the spud, cut out, and place it on the potato. Carve the shape into the potato, then stamp, changing ink colors for interest.

    Editor's Tip: If you're stamping heavy-use fabrics such as this tea towel, mix the crafts paints with textile medium or use fabric paints, both available at crafts stores.

Memory Board Lampshade Gift

    Dress up a lampshade with favorite family photos for Mom this Mother's Day. Set eyelets in the shade, then stretch braided elastic between them in X shapes, knotting the elastic on the inside of the shade. Slip special photographs and cards under the elastic cord for a quirky, decorative memory board Mom will cherish.

Mother's Day Side Table

    Serve Mom breakfast on a pretty, customized side table. Choose a simple table with a removable glass top. Print an image of her favorite flower, cut it to fit the tabletop, and place it underneath the glass.

    Editor's Tip: Instead of decorating a glass table, laminate the image, and use spray adhesive to secure it to a wood tabletop or a breakfast tray.

Embroidery Hoop Art

    Design a lovely and unique piece of art for Mom, using only a few materials. Cut heavy-weight decorative paper the size of an embroidery hoop, and use crafts glue along the rim to secure the paper. Arrange and glue costume jewelry or vintage keys to the paper, and hang the display by the metal screw at the top.

Memories of Mom Display

    Give Mom a wall display that adds personality and memorable moments to a space. To create a display like this, print scanned versions of old photos of Mom onto water-slide decal transfer paper or printable decal stickers (available at office supply stores) and attach them to blank stretched canvases. For artwork larger than simple letter-size paper, use the tiling option on your printer to produce a set of 8-1/2x11-inch pieces to fit together like a puzzle. Don't fret overlapping edges because the translucent quality of the paper allows for layering. Brush a mixture of clear crafts glue and water over the entire surface to adhere the picture to the canvas.

    Editor's Tip: Stretched canvases are available at art supply or crafts stores in a variety of sizes. Look for canvases that are already mounted on easy-to-hang wood frames.

Bird Tea Towel Gift

    Spruce up plain towels with a cheery image for Mother's Day. Carefully cut out your favorite motif from patterned fabric, and machine- or hand-stitch the cutout to a towel. For a no-sew option, cut a layer of fusible webbing to match your shape. Place it between the shape and the towel; iron. Hang the towel in Mom's bathroom or the kitchen to make her day.

Patterned Dishware Mother's Day Gift

    Revamp a clear glass pitcher and matching cup for a surprising Mother's Day breakfast. Stick circle labels to the outside of the glassware in your desired pattern. Use a foam pouncer to apply white paint over the labels and up the sides of the glassware for a faux frosted look. Avoid the rim of the pitcher and glass so paint doesn't come in contact with the contents. Peel the stickers off while the paint is still wet, scratching off any that seeped underneath.

Family Frame for Mom

    Piece together a custom frame that will touch Mom's heart. Stitch squares of decorative paper together. Add photos to painted metal frames, then attach a frame to each square of patterned paper. Back it all with a thick piece of chipboard, foam-core board, or particleboard. Place it in a frame, or miter the ends of painted metal strips to create the outer frame. Add accents that match, such as a flower in the center, and attach a ribbon to hang it.

Mirror Treat Platter for Mom

    Let this mirror platter be a reflection of your love for Mom this Mother's Day. Choose a framed mirror to serve as a tray, then arrange muffins or rolls (we used Sticky Pecan Upside-Down Baby Cakes) in jumbo-size paper baking cups. Cut two long pieces of sheer wire-edge ribbon and twist them together at the center, forming an X. Set the framed mirror in the center of the X and bring the ends of the ribbon to the top; tie one ribbon into a knot and the other ribbon around the knot and into a bow. Attach a Mother's Day card.

Garden-Inspired Gift Bags

    Treat your mom to a pretty gift bag that doubles as a flower vase. Photocopy vintage seed packets or quaint flower illustrations. Trim around the edges of the copied images and slip them into a small vellum bag, available at crafts stores. Use the bag to hold a special gift, or place a tiny vase inside the bag and fill with flowers.

    Editor's Tip: Vintage seed packets from long-ago gardens can be found in antiques stores, flea markets, or online auctions. You also might check in Grandma's kitchen drawers!

Simple Stained-Glass Frame

    Use colorful stripes in a float frame to bring new dimension to a treasured photo for Mom this Mother's Day. Using painter's tape, mask off stripes on both the front and back glass panes of the frame. Pay attention to how the transparent stripes on one side will overlap the other in the finished project. Dip a small foam roller in glass paint and roll on the back of each glass pane. Let dry. Peel off the tape to reveal your stripes, insert a photo, and reassemble your frame.

Shelves for Mom

    Create cute shelving where Mom can store favorite knickknacks. Cut out an image to fit wall cube shelving (available at department stores). Spray the back of your paper with adhesive, and carefully smooth it onto the cube front. Finish with a coat of clear varnish.

Envelope-Enclosed Mother's Day Treat

    Bake Mom a sweet surprise this Mother's Day, such as these brownies, and package it with love. To enclose a square treat platter, arrange treats on a square platter, and place the platter diagonally in the center of a 10-1/2-inch square of corrugated brown paper. Fold in the corners of the paper to the center of the platter and attach all four corners by piercing through the paper layers with a single cufflink or decorative brad. Tie a sheer beaded ribbon across the bottom third of the platter.

Customized Breakfast Tray

    Serve Mom breakfast in bed on a custom-made tray. Sand a purchased wooden serving tray and paint it. Include a child's essay about Mom as the centerpiece.Cut the essay into an oval, glue it to the tray and surround it with pressed flowers (also glued down). When dry, protect the work of art with a piece of glass that has been cut to fit the tray.

Keepsake Dishes

    Turn children's drawings into decorative plates. Scan the art and print onto water-slide transfer paper, available at crafts stores. Trim closely around the printed image, then place the paper in water until the decal slips easily from the backing. Position the decal on the plate and smooth out wrinkles and bubbles. When dry, seal the artwork with spray varnish. Mom will cherish the printed plates forever.

    Note: Plates are for decorative use only.

Bath Salts for Mom

    Invite Mom to relax in in the luxury of a warm bath sprinkled with bath salts. Use sticker label paper and spice jars to give a basket of bath notions a personalized touch. Using a computer, arrange a block letter (an M or O) on label paper with the name of the fragrance underneath in smaller type. Trim the label to the size you want and cut out the block letter. Arrange the bottles in a basket of bath soaps and lotions.

Fingerprint-Fish Clock

    Pair your child's fingertips with paint to a make a school of delightful fish on a wide-frame clock.


    1. Place small amounts of acrylic paint in several colors on a paper plate.
    2. To make fish bodies, dip fingers and thumb into the paint, blending colors if desired. Press fingers and thumb onto clock frame; continue making fingerprints until the frame is about two-thirds covered. Let the paint dry.
    3. Paint details on the fish, such as fins, eyes, and smiles, using desired colors of paint and a small paintbrush. Let dry.

Special Occasion Reminder

    Include this free special occasion fill-in calendar with the card organizer, and Mom will never miss important dates. Just download the printable PDF with the link below.

Greeting Card Organizer

    Give Mom a supply of greeting cards, organized by occasion in an accordion file folder (found at office or scrapbooking stores). Embellish the folder with decorative paper cut to size and attached with spray adhesive.

Scrapbook Photo Album

    Show the connection between mother and child by crafting an album that reveals a special bond. Before starting an album, decide on a theme and color scheme.

Child's Art Stationery

    Turn a child's artwork into special stationery. Scan a piece of artwork, scale it to fit, and print on cardstock. Use the art to decorate return address labels, too. Mom will love the personal message on special stationery made just for her.

Paper Flower Photo Display

    Give an everlasting bouquet by crafting paper flowers, a perfect gift for Mom. The stems are wooden dowels painted green. Glue mini clothespins on the backs of the dowels to hold photos in place. Construct the flowers with a variety of colored paper and crepe paper shaped using flower crafts punch. The flower centers are page pebbles (scrapbooking accents). After gluing the pebbles to the flowers and the flowers to the stems, add family photographs to finish a timeless gift.

Decorated Flowerpot

    Choose a pretty pair of satin cords to wrap a terra-cotta flowerpot with color. Display it on a Mother's Day breakfast table to surprise her.


    1. Using a paintbrush, coat a 4-inch terra-cotta flowerpot with thick white crafts glue. Wrap the rim of the pot with 1/4-inch-wide light green satin cord. (You'll need 3 yards.)
    2. Use about 6 yards of rose-color satin cord to wrap the bottom of the pot, starting just below the green. Tuck the end of a 2-inch tassel under the first couple of wraps. Apply more glue to the ends of the cord if needed to secure. Let the glue dry.

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