Easy Mother's Day Flower Arrangements

Vibrant blooms and fun garden gifts are the perfect way to say "Happy Mother's Day" to your very special mom. For Mother?s Day, flower arrangements that are as special as they are easy, look no further than BHG.com.

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Pitcher of Peonies
Pitcher of Peonies for Mother's Day

    Peonies are a classic and beautiful choice for a Mother's Day flower bouquet, especially because they bloom abundantly April through June. Gather a bunch into a pretty pitcher for a refreshing twist on the traditional vase, and display them inside or outside.

    Editor's Tip: Ants tend to be attracted to peony buds, so before bringing them inside, turn them upside down and gently shake out the ants. Or dip the bloom in a bucket of cool water for a few seconds or until all the ants are gone.

Decorated Drinking Glass Bouquet

    Make a lovely flower vase for Mom by decorating a glass. Wrap a simple band of ribbon around a basic drinking glass or candle votive and secure with double-sided tape. Fill the glass with Mom's favorite flower. We used pretty pink peonies here.

Glass Bottle Mother's Day Vase

    Surprise Mom with a thoughtful gift, as well as a new use for an old glass bottle. Clean out an old bottle (we used a narrow-necked medicine bottle) and fill with Mother's Day flowers of your choice, such as these cosmos and sweet peas.

Take-out Box Bouquet for Mom

    Frosted plastic carryout boxes make perfect, inexpensive containers for Mother's Day bouquets. Buy a couple of different sizes and colors for variety (available at crafts stores) and fill with flowers of the same color.

    Editor's Tip: Place the blooms inside a short, water-filled glass before setting the bouquet into the box.

Tray of Rosettes for Mom

    Create elegant Mother's Day place markers in a snap by placing a single flower (we used roses) in a short drinking glass. Put one at each table setting or gather several onto an attractive tray and use the cluster of blooms as a darling Mother's Day centerpiece.

Mother's Day Garden Flower Arrangement

    For a nature-inspired Mother's Day gift, decorate a small container garden with a wooden bird really hard to see in the image, want to add "blue", a small twig nest, and a couple of glass eggs. Wire the nest to branches secured in the soil to keep it stable.

Glass Jar Mother's Day Vase

    Place old botanical- and garden-theme postcards inside recycled glass jars for a whimsical Mother's Day gift. Put a handful of pretty pink snapdragons, or another flower on hand, into a small vase and slide the vase into the glass jar.

Seashell Mother's Day Vase

    Bring back pleasant beach vacation memories by employing a keepsake shell as a unique vase this Mother's Day. Fit the opening of a seashell with wet florist's foam, then push in flower stems, such as the ruffly parrot tulips shown here, for a gorgeous Mother's Day bouquet.

    Editor's Tip: If you don't have any seashells on hand, you can purchase them at crafts supply stores or at seashellworld.com.

Ribbon-Wrapped Mother's Day Vase

    Get creative this Mother's Day and dress up a plain vase or aluminum can with grosgrain ribbon (usually less than $1 a yard). Hot-glue one end of the ribbon at the bottom, wrap it around the vase in evenly overlapping layers, and glue the other end at the top. Add a ribbon tie, and pin on a tag for Mom. After the flowers fade, the vase makes a cute pencil cup.

Bouquet Tote Mother's Day Gift

    Hang a Mother's Day surprise on a doorknob or hook for Mom to find. Fill a colorful tote bag with a bouquet of bright blooms, such as these cheerful lilies. Mom will love this flower arrangement, and she'll get a lot of use out of the tote, too!

    Editor's Tip: Put the flowers in a small vase before placing the flowers inside the tote bag.

Ribbon-Wrapped Dessert Cup

    Give Mom a sweet arrangement of buds by dressing up a simple dessert cup. Adhere patterned paper around the cup, and add a sweet pink ribbon to finish the look. Fill the delicate vase with short-stem white flowers.

Lace-Covered Flower Vase for Mom

    Spruce up a plain container to hold Mother's Day flowers instead of purchasing an expensive new one. To create this vase, decoupage a piece of lace onto a plain white watertight container, and give Mom a gorgeous gift that lasts long after the flowers are gone.

Pencil Cup Flower Arrangement for Mom

    A decorative pencil cup is a cute Mother's Day gift idea that is made even better when it is filled with flowers like these anemones. Arrange them in a small vase or drinking glass that sits inside the cup. Tie on colorful pencils with string for a fun embellishment.

Bowl of Mother's Day Flowers

    For a brilliant bouquet this Mother's Day, group an array of peonies in a low bowl from the kitchen cupboard, and display them in Mom's room or bathroom. Look for varying shades of pink, white, and purple peonies, and stick in some greenery for contrast.

Marble Mortar Mother's Day Vase

    For the mom who is a master chef, a marble mortar plays host to a small clutch of orange-yellow ranunculus. Cut the stems to 6 inches, and arrange them in a low, tight dome. Tie a gift tag around the pestle.

Fish Bowl Flower Arrangement for Mom

    A repurposed miniature fish bowl makes a fun vessel to hold a Mother's Day flower arrangement. Wash out a glass or plastic fish bowl and fill it with water and bright blossoms, such as these cosmos.

Mother's Day Gardening Flower Arrangement

    What better gift for a gardening mom than pretty tools for the labor and a hint at its lush rewards? Gather a riot of poppies, wrap a pair of garden gloves around the stems, and bind with twine. Tie on a hand tool to finish the package.

Bird's Nest Bouquet for Mom

    Give Mom a Mother's Day flower arrangement that signals appreciation for her gift of life. Wire a wreath to the top of a round twig basket to get the look of a bird's nest. Instead of eggs, fill the center with roses and ferns arranged in water-soaked florist's foam and moss.

Gift-Wrapped Plant for Mom

    Give Mom a present that lasts long after Mother's Day. Place a blooming bulb inside a vase (or even a simple can) and wrap it with decorative paper. Pinked edges, a bit of ribbon, and a stamped tag make the gift extra special.

Fruit and Flower Gift for Mom

    For the mom who loves bright, cheerful colors, place yellow flowers -- in this case, double yellow tulips -- in a clear vase filled with kumquats and water.

Fast Wrapped Vase for Mom

    A quick wrap of decorative paper (wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, or wallpaper) dresses up a cylinder vase filled with cut flowers for a perfect Mother's Day gift. Use double-sided tape to hold the paper in place.

Garden Boot Flower Vase for Mom

    Make a unique flower arrangement for Mom by placing sunflowers in a kicky pair of garden boots. Don't worry -- these hearty blooms can be out of water for a few hours without losing their sunny disposition.

Collection of Can Vases for Mother's Day

    A mass of pink ranunculus offers a sweet counterpoint to its rustic country container that Mom will love. Individual cans make arranging easy. Cut stems short, and place a small bunch in each can.

Rose Bowl Float for Mom

    Hot pink spray roses are especially beautiful displayed behind glass. For Mother's Day, float them in stemless wineglasses, using warm water to help the petals open fully. Present with a bottle of wine wrapped in decorative paper for a thoughtful Mother's Day gift.

Blooms in a Bulb Planter

    Bulb planters are great for getting your flowers in the ground, but they also make adorable flower containers for Mother's Day. Place a small container inside the planter; fill with water and a dozen stems of your mom's favorite blooms.

Simple White Mother's Day Vase

    Sometimes the simplest Mother's Day gifts are the biggest hits. Fill a pretty white vase with a simple arrangement of pastel roses. Show Mom how much you care by serving this arrangement with her favorite breakfast.

Fresh Asparagus-Wrapped Vase

    Give Mom something fresh -- literally! Wrap two rubber bands around a cylindrical vase, stick stalks of asparagus underneath the rubber bands until the vase is covered, tie with twine, then remove the rubber bands. Fill the vase with water and Mom's favorite flowers.

Vibrant Blooms in a Jam Jar

    A clear jam jar is the perfect container for a colorful flower arrangement. Place Mom's favorite fruit around the base of the jar to set the scene for a cheerful meal together.

Simple Painted Vase for Mother's Day

    A touch of white paint gives a vintage look to a basic vase. For this elegant Mother's Day flower arrangement, simply swirl white glass paint inside an old glass. Let dry, fill with water, and add a few short-stemmed flowers.

Mother's Day Flower Bows

    Lush living "bows" top gift boxes for the perfect Mother's Day wrapping. Slip the stem of a ruffly rose or peony through the top of a woven box (or a slit cut in a paper box) and into a florist's water pick hidden inside the box.

Hanging Flower Basket for Mom

    Brighten a bedpost or dining room chair with Mother's Day cheer. Roll decorative paper into a cone and secure with tape. Tuck a small plastic cup inside, and fill with water and pretty sweet peas for a paper basket of flowers.

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