Footed Dish with Grape Hyacinths

Despite their delicate appearance, grape hyacinths are tough enough to use in live arrangements. Enjoy their spring-fresh cheer for days, watering lightly every day to keep the roots moist, then plant them outdoors to bloom again the following year. A footed dish provides an ideal platform for grape hyacinths nestles into a stylized bird's nest.

What You'll Need:

Nest and blooming flowers

  • Grape hyacinths
  • Rubber band
  • Small bird's nest (from a crafts store)
  • Moss (from a crafts store or your yard)

How to Make It

Materials, Grape hyacinths, Rubber band, Small bird?s nest, Moss

1) Buy a pot of blooming grape hyacinths or dip up a small clump from your garden, and gently rinse the soil off the bulbs and roots

blooming grape hyacinths

2) Carefully wrap a rubber band around the group of stems, near the base. Tighten the rubber band just enough to hold the stems upright.

wrap a rubber band around the group of grape hyacinth stems

3) Place the clump into the nest.

grape hyacinths

4) Tuck moss around the stems to cover the bulbs and hold the stems in place.