Waxed Paper Wraps

Create your own gift bag.
What You Need:

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The wrapping the gift comes
in should be just as fun.

  • Iron and ironing board
  • Brown-paper grocery bags
  • Waxed paper
  • Fillers, such as dried or fresh flowers, leaves, grasses, clover, and star glitter; guinea feathers, peacock feathers, seed beads, and gold glitter; crayon shavings, rickrack, and embroidery floss
  • Small brown-paper bags and envelopes for patterns
  • Double-stick tape
  • Decorative-edge paper scissors
  • Decorative thread, cording, or ribbon
  • Needle
  • Paper punch


1. Open the grocery bags flat and cover the ironing board with them. Pull out two 30-inch lengths of waxed paper. Place the desired fillers between the two sheets of waxed paper. Cover the layered waxed paper with more brown paper; press with a hot, dry iron.

2. To make a bag, fold the layered waxed paper, using a small paper bag as a pattern. Adjust the width and length of the waxed paper as needed. Adhere the edges with double-stick tape. Use decorative-edge paper scissors to finish the open edge of the bag. Punch holes through the bag and tie the bag closed with decorative thread, cording, or ribbon, using one of the filler items as the closure if desired.

3. To make an envelope, cut the layered waxed paper, using an envelope as a pattern. Adhere the edges with double-stick tape. To close, thread a needle with decorative thread and sew the top flap to the back of the envelope.

4. To make a clutch-type bag or folder, fold the layered waxed paper, creating a top flap. Punch holes through all layers along the open edges. Knot one end of rickrack or ribbon and thread through the punched holes to sew the open edges closed.