Sweet-Dreams Headboard

Add elegance and springtime cheer to mom's bedroom.

What You Need:

  • One twig headboard the width of your bed, plus 6-inches
  • 4- to 6-yards of 54-inch-wide muslin for a twin (double or queen, king) bed
  • Fresh or dried lavender sprigs and leaves
  • Dried flowers (such as glove amaranth) on stems (optional)
  • Tape measure
  • Mosquito netting


1. Gather 3/4-inch- to 1-inch-diameter willow-tree branches. (You'll need 21 for a twin-size bed and more for a larger bed.) Cut the branches in the spring when they're green -- they'll be more pliable. The two outside branches on our headboard measured approximately 41-inch, and the inside branches measured 29-inches. Measure your bed to see what sizes you'll need. Nail the branches together, spacing them approximately 2-inches apart.

2. Measure and mark the center of the headboard and the muslin. Beginning at the center of each, drape the muslin over an upright twig (or twigs), and pull a section toward the front. Continue draping and bunching the muslin, going over and under the upright twigs and ending with the extra muslin hanging down one side of the bed and puddling at the floor. Repeat to drape the other side of the headboard.

3. Tuck sprigs of lavender and lavender leaves into the folds of the muslin. Add dried flowers, if desired. Drape mosquito netting from the ceiling, if desired.