Mother's Day Crafts Kids Can Make

These easy, from-the-heart gifts are simple projects kids can make for Mom or Grandma.

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Mother?s Day Gift Jar
Mother's Day Gift Jar

    Make Mom feel extra special on Mother's Day with this "I Love You" jar. Cut 1-inch-wide strips of colorful or patterned paper and write a reason you love her on each strip. Bend the ends of the strip together to make little rings with the message on the inside. Fasten the ends together with stickers, and place them in a glass jar. Make a label for the front of the jar.

Mother's Day Bouquet Wrap

    Make a standard Mother's Day bouquet more beautiful by designing a special wrap to contain the flowers. To get this look, paint a section of bubble wrap, then place a piece of plain tissue paper on top and rub to transfer the paint. Repeat with a second color. Let the tissue paper dry before wrapping it around the bouquet. Tie the bundle with a ribbon and give it to Mom.

Handmade Mother's Day Bouquet

    These handmade lollipop flowers with paper petals are sure to make Mom happy this Mother's Day. For each flower, fold colored cardstock in half and cut out six hearts. Punch a small hole near the tip of each. Layer six hearts together and nsert a lollipop through the holes, fanning the petals around the stick. Make several lollipop flowers and place them in a simple vase to give to Mom.

Mother's Day Time Capsule

    Create a way for Mom to reminisce this Mother's Day with a time capsule. Collect souvenirs from fun family moments and trips, such as concert tickets, seashells, photos, or a map. You can even add a flash drive containing digital memories. Put the treasures into a simple box or a glass jar. Date the time capsule, and take time to look through it every year with Mom on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Kissing Ball

    Give Mom another reason to kiss you with this Mother's Day kissing ball. Bend a wire into a U shape, push it through a florist's foam sphere, and wrap the wire ends around a florist's pick. Soak the foam in water, then push the stems of carnations into the foam. If the kissing ball drips, hold it above the sink for a few minutes. Tie on a ribbon to hang. The carnations can last for up to two weeks of kisses.

Mother's Day Treat Box

    Stash some sweets in a personalized box for Mom this Mother's Day. Paint a plain wooden box (available at crafts supply stores) with a design of your choice -- we suggest hearts, flowers, or a handprint. You also can use stickers, markers, and crayons to jazz up your Mother's Day gift box. When you are finished, let the box dry before filling it with tasty treats for Mom.

Handmade Jewelry for Mom

    Surprise Mom with some handmade jewelry this Mother's Day. Cut out flowers from felt and paper, thenpunch a small hole in the center of each. String the flower shapes and some buttons together onto yarn or chenille stems (found at crafts supply stores). Make a ring, necklace, or bracelet by leaving enough of the chenille stem to tie around Mom's finger, wrist, or neck. Tie or twist the ends together to finish.

Sewing Organizer Gift Idea for Mom

    Create an adorable sewing organizer from an egg carton for Mom. First, clean an old egg carton, then dress it up with a quick coat of spray paint. Fill each compartment with safety pins, sewing needles, buttons, and thread. Add a made-to-fit pincushion by wrapping fabric around cotton stuffing (find both at crafts or sewing supply stores). Use a safety pin or fabric glue to close the fabric ends in the back.

Cookie Box Mother's Day Gift

    Satisfy Mom's sweet tooth with a decorated box of chocolate chip cookies. On a white gift bag or gift box (available at crafts supply stores), draw or glue pictures that remind you of Mom. Line the inside of the box with wax paper or tissue paper, and fill it with the yummy treats.

Mother's Day Place Cards

    Set the table just for Mom this Mother's Day. Using blank 4x5 greeting cards propped open with simple vases, make place cards for each family member to write nice things about her. Close the cards and punch a hole in the top corner of each. Thread ribbon through the holes and attach a tag with the name of each family member. To keep the cards standing up at each place, add mini bud vases with Mom's favorite flower. Once everyone is seated, ask them to write down their thoughts about Mom.

Relaxing Mother's Day Gift

    Allow Mom to escape for an hour of private relaxation. Fill a small basket with tasty treats, such as a muffin and a smoothie, as well as her favorite book or magazine. Flowers, bath salts, and candles are some other thoughtful gifts. While she is relaxing, do something nice for her, like clean up the kitchen.

Creative Picture Frame for Mom

    Decorate an inexpensive frame with outdoor finds for Mom this Mother's Day. Collect twigs, pinecones, seedpods, or dried flowers to glue to a plain, inexpensive frame. Paint the frame and the pieces the same color before gluing; when the glue is dry, place a family photo in the frame.

Candle Message to Mom

    Wrap a simple message -- handwritten or printed -- to Mom around a candle or drinking glass. Glue the ends together in the back and set it on Mom's nightstand, or use it to mark her place at the dinner table.

Handprint Dishcloth for Mom

    Lend a hand in the kitchen with this handprint dishcloth Mom will love. Using finger paint, make a handprint on cardstock and cut out to make a stencil. Lightly spray the back of the stencil with adhesive, attach the stencil to a towel, and paint the handprint with a mixture of craft paints and textile medium (this turns ordinary acrylic paint into textile paint that will be permanent on most fabrics). Use fabric markers to add polka dots and your name to the towel.

Easy Mother's Day Pencil Holder

    Floral motifs cut from decorative papers beautify a toothbrush holder, turning it into a pencil holder gift for Mom. Add pretty cutouts or painted designs to pencils to make a set.

Fingerprint-Fish Clock for Mom

    Pair your fingertips with paint to a make a school of delightful fish on a wide-frame clock for Mother's Day. Place small amounts of acrylic paint in several colors on a paper plate. To make fish bodies, dip fingers and thumb into paints, blending colors if desired. Press fingers and thumb onto surface of clock frame, and continue making fingerprints until the frame is about two-thirds covered. Let the paint dry. Paint details on the fish, such as fins, eyes, and smiles, using desired colors of paint and a small paintbrush. Let dry.

Mother's Day Breakfast Tray

    Wake up early on Mother's Day to pamper Mom with breakfast in bed. To make a personalized breakfast tray, sand a purchased wooden serving tray and paint it. Write a poem or essay about Mom onto an oval shaped piece of paper, then glue it to the tray. Decorate the rest of the tray with drawings and stickers. When dry, cover with a piece of glass that has been cut to fit the tray.

Handprint Mug for Mom

    Mom won't be mad at you for getting your hands messy when she gets one of these mugs!

Mother's Day Votive Holder

    Wrap a piece of patterned card stock around a votive candle holder. Cut thin strips of card card stock using decorative scissors. Place these strips of paper at the top and bottom of the holder. Then take a piece of white card stock and cut out the shape of a large flower. Glue on a large yellow button as the center of the flower, then attach it to votive holder using hot glue.

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