Fun July 4th Dessert: Berry Flag Tart

The star of your patriotic menu will be this flag-shape dessert featuring bright red raspberries, tart blueberries, and dough cut in stripes and star shapes. Despite the masterpiece finish, it's actually quite simple to make.

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Easy 4th of July Decorations

Decorate your home in the spirit of Independence Day with our red, white, and blue 4th of July decorations. From flags to fireworks, these easy decorations cover every July 4th theme you can think of -- and they're cute to boot.

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Our Favorite July 4th Recipes

Take the guesswork out of creating a delicious spread of 4th of July food. Our July 4th entrees (hot dogs! ribs!), drinks (punch! sangria!), side dishes (fruit and pasta salads!), and desserts (mmm, pie) make organizing a patriotic potluck a breeze.

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Festive July 4th Desserts

Celebrate Independence Day with these festive 4th of July desserts! With star-shape scones and piecrusts, tempting tarts, colorful shakes, and fresh berries, these recipes for 4th of July desserts are sure to stand out at your patriotic celebration.

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Easy 4th of July Party Ideas

Gather your friends and use these patriotic decorating, entertaining, and recipe ideas for this year's 4th of July celebration. From festive star banners and refreshing watermelon coolers to raveworthy party favors and more, your 4th of July party is bound to be summer's biggest shindig.

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4th of July Cake Recipes

Headed to a 4th of July potluck? Cakes are a dreamy way to end the day (well, that and fireworks), and our collection of berry-topped cakes, lush chocolate cakes, swirled sprinkle cakes, and layered red velvet cakes are worth their own oohs and aahs.

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Coconut Cream Island Punch

Make our DIY party cocktail -- that includes just a few tasty ingredients -- for an adults-only drink everyone can agree on. Cut-up star fruit provides a gorgeous base inside your drink pitcher.

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Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

Get out the crafts supplies for our easy, heartfelt gifts the kids can make for Mother's Day. Mom or Grandma will love the thought put into our sweet Mother's Day gifts, including ideas for handmade cards, magnets, wall art, and button bouquets. Try one of our Mother's Day crafts for kids as this year's gift!


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    • Butterfly Family Tree

      Mom will love receiving a heartfelt idea like a homemade family tree for her Mother's Day gift. Colored paper, matte board, and a butterfly punch make pulling together the craft idea surprisingly easy.

      Learn more about the project.
    • Easy Tote Bag

      Even the littlest members of your family will be able to help make Mom a fun and simple tote bag (it takes just four steps!). To make, download our template and trace and cut the felt shapes (you'll need 4 sheets of white felt and 1 sheet each of blue and red felt). Using a straight stitch, attach the 3x10-inch strip to the full piece of felt with a contrasting color of embroidery thread. Complete the two sides, then the bottom with a 3-x-10-inch strip. Attach the small handles using straight stitches. Stack the circles, top with colorful buttons, then attach using felt glue.

      Get the free pattern!
    • Button Hairclips

      Make Mom a collection of colorful and playful hairclips with just a few easy add-ons. Simply stack buttons of various colors, or select fabric-colored buttons, then use hot glue (with adult supervision!) to attach the buttons to the hair clips. If your clips are plain metal, use nail polish to paint the color of your choice.

      Editor's Tip: Make sure each hairclip is open when you hot-glue the buttons and let them dry overnight before use.

    • Kids' Art Collage

      Every mom loves receiving a creative work of art from her kids, so this year, give your favorite lady an entire collection! Enlarge a quick photo collage template to poster size (we went with 20x16-inch). Have your little ones pick their favorite art projects and add photos of the crafts to the template using image-editing software.

    • Crafts for Kids

      Check out our easy crafts the kids will love putting together for Mom! We use a classic pantry staple (pasta!) to pull together these adorable Mother's Day crafts for kids.

    • Sweet Embellished Jewelry Box

      Fun embellishments and a bit of paint easily transform a plain wooden box into a jewelry holder that Mom will love. Start by painting the box in a color that you know Mom will like. Glue colorful buttons in a fun shape to the top of the box using crafts glue -- we recommend doing two layers to add depth.

    • Decorated Toiletries

      Bathroom necessities get a little hint of flair when decked out with foam shapes, stickers, beads, and ribbon. Simply set out a spread of embellishments for the kids to choose from, and let them decorated as their hearts desire.

    • Mother's Day Photo Pillow

      Older kids will get a kick out of creating a unique and meaningful photo pillow for Mom this Mother's Day. Start with a 14-inch pillow cover. Print 3x3-inch photos of you and Mom on iron-on ink-jet fabric sheets, cut them out, and iron them on a 12x9-inch felt sheet. Hand-stitch around the photo edges with floss. Punch holes in felt and fabric strips and attach the strips to the edges of the felt sheet with scrapbooking brads. Hand-stitch or use fabric glue to attach the embellished felt sheet to pillow cover; add felt die cuts. Finish by stuffing the pillow cover with fiberfill or a purchased pillow form and stitching the cover closed.

    • Collage Family Portrait for Mother's Day

      Take those drawings on the fridge up a notch to create this adorable Mother's Day gift. The first step is a kid-drawn family portrait. Then, let kids bring the drawing to life with a hand-painted watercolor photo mat, and 3-D collage elements. We cut out kid-stamped thumbprints for the rainbow, and had them add messages to the clouds.

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      Mother's Day Mosaic Vase

      Kids and another adult can team up to make this pretty and simple vase. Kids can paint wooden craft hearts and glue them in a pattern on a square vase. Then, an adult can step in to wipe grout over the vase, wiping off the excess with a damp sponge.

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      Mother's Day Button Blooms

      A plant-loving mom will adore perking up her potted plants with this easy button craft. Have a helper bend floral wire into a cane shape -- with a long and short end. Kids can insert colorful buttons into the wire's long end, then the short end. Twist the short end of the wire along the long one to secure the buttons.

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      Words of Love Photo Frame for Mom

      Kids can write everything they love about Mom on an easy-to-make photo mat. Cut a spot for the photo first, or attach it to the paper. Then, let your kids run wild with colorful markers. A black outline gives all the words a cohesive look.

    • Fun Handmade Gifts
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      5 Easy Gift Ideas

      Still stumped for a Mother's Day gift? Watch our video for five more gifts kids can make.

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      Monogram for Mom

      Mom will love this special monogram that she can display anywhere. First, purchase a wooden letter (available at crafts stores) of her first initial or "M" for mom. Kids can easily paint it with her favorite color and embellish it with multicolor buttons, patterned ribbon, and strips of paper.

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      Mother's Day Flower Photos

      Keep a blossoming garden in your home year-round with these adorable paper flowers. Cupcake holders and fuzzy felt flower stickers provide some 3-D action, while pretty paper creates a colorful backdrop. Once the glue is dry, fasten the photos in the center of the cupcake holder for a darling Mother's Day display.

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      Sweet Hand-Drawn Mother's Day Card

      Craft Mother's Day cards with a few pieces of colored construction paper and washable markers. Fold construction paper into card shapes and let them draw pictures for Mom; if they are too young to write, help them spell a sweet message on the front of the card. Display the finished card in a jumbo wooden clothespin embellished with a chipboard flower and stickers that spell "mom."

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      Mother's Day Gift Jar

      Make Mom feel extra special on Mother's Day with this "I Love You" jar. Cut 1-inch-wide strips of colorful or patterned paper and write a reason you love her on each strip. Bend the ends of the strip together to make little rings with the message on the inside. Fasten the ends together with stickers, and place them in a glass jar. Make a label for the front of the jar.

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      Mother's Day Time Capsule

      Create a way for Mom to reminisce with a time capsule. Collect souvenirs from fun family moments and trips, such as concert tickets, seashells, photos, or a map. You can even add a flash drive containing digital memories. Put the treasures into a simple box or a glass jar. Date the time capsule, and take time to look through it every year with Mom on Mother's Day.

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      Mother's Day Pencil Holder and Frame

      Recycle an empty food can into a pretty pencil holder with the help of paper, pictures, and a little ribbon. Wrap green tape around a handful of pens until you reach the tips. Finish by hot-gluing buttons to the tops of the pens for fun, flowery pops of color.

      For the frame, choose one with a large mat and space for a small photo. Add scrapbook letter stickers to the mat for a unique photo border, using different colors to make special words stand out.

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      Spring-Theme Clipboard for Mom

      Brighten up Mom's home office or other space with decorative clipboards that will remind her of spring. Glue punched-paper shapes or die-cut embellishments, such as flowers and butterflies, to a piece of colored cardstock. Clip the artwork to the clipboard and add ribbon to the top; hang if desired.

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      Magnets for Mom

      Add flair to Mom's fridge with these adorable homemade magnets made from paper, buttons, and felt fabrics. If you're using paper, glue the patterned side to the flat side of a clear stone and trim to fit, let dry. Add a magnet strip to the back. To make the felt flower and button magnets as shown, hot-glue buttons and other embellishments to magnet strips.

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      Handmade Mother's Day Bouquet

      These handmade lollipop flowers with paper petals are sure to make Mom happy this Mother's Day. For each flower, fold colored cardstock in half and cut out six hearts. Punch a small hole near the tip of each. Layer six hearts together and insert a lollipop through the holes, fanning the petals around the stick. Make several lollipop flowers and place them in a simple vase to give to Mom.

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      Mother's Day Flowers

      Wrapping paper adds a personal touch to a classic bunch of Mother's Day flowers. Wrap paper with a fun and bright pattern around the base, using glue to secure in place. Tying the paper on with a ribbon or some lace works well, too.

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      Sewing Organizer Gift Idea for Mom

      Create an adorable sewing organizer from an egg carton for Mom. First, clean an old egg carton, then dress it up with a quick coat of spray paint. Fill each compartment with safety pins, sewing needles, buttons, and thread. Add a made-to-fit pincushion by wrapping fabric around cotton stuffing (find both at crafts or sewing supply stores). Use a safety pin or fabric glue to close the fabric ends in the back.

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      Mother's Day Bouquet Wrap

      Make a standard Mother's Day bouquet more beautiful by designing a special wrap for the flowers. To get this look, paint a section of bubble wrap, then place a piece of plain tissue paper on top and press to transfer the paint. Repeat with a second color. Let the tissue paper dry before wrapping it around the bouquet. Tie the bundle with a ribbon and give it to Mom.

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      Mother's Day Gift Ideas

      Mom will cherish our handcrafted Mother's Day gifts for years to come. With gifts such as stylish jewelry, homemade chocolate truffles, and family-theme artwork, our Mother's Day gift ideas will please any Mom. We even have some gifts the kids can help create!
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