Jam 'n' Jelly Jar Tags

Enhance a Mother's Day gift from the kitchen with a pretty paper tag.

What You Need

strawberry jam jar tag

How to Make It

  1. Cut the heavyweight paper or tagboard into a 3-1/2-x-1-1/2-inch strip using straight or decorative-edge scissors. If desired, cut off the corners of the paper strip.
  2. Color the paper strip using a brush pen in your desired color. Carefully outline the edges of the paper strip using a gold marking pen. Outline a 1-1/2-x-2-3/4-inch white adhesive label with a gold marking pen. Center the label on the cut strip of paper and press into place.
  3. Using a 1/8-inch paper punch, make a small hole in each end of the tag. Cut a 12-inch length of metallic gold elastic cord. Thread the cord through the holes. Use the cord to tie the tag to a jar of homemade or purchased preserves.