Popular in Mother's Day Cards

For You, Mom

Apply colorful diecuts to Mother's Day cards by backing stickers with vellum.

What You Need:

Attach the flower pot to the card with pop dots.
  • Keeping Memories Alive parchment: pink and purple
  • Card stock: purple and white
  • White vellum
  • Simple Dreams Artist's Collection stickers
  • Green florist's wire
  • All Night Media Pop Dots


1. Fold a 4-1/4-inch pink parchment retangle in half widthwise. Print "For You Mom" to fit on 1-1/2 x 1-3/4-inch of white card stocks; cut out and layer on varying border widths of pink, lavender, and beige. Apply stickers on the Os. Adhere the square to the card, extending beyond the fold.

2. Sandwich wire between stickers and vellum; trim. Assemble the flowerpot and adhere the stems.

Buyer's Guide

Keeping Memories Alive P.O Box 728 Spanish Fork, UT 84660 800/419-4949 www.scrapbooks.com

All Night Media 800/STAMPED www.plaidonline.com


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