Mistletoe Lamp

Dangle lit mistletoe over holiday guests with a colorful lamp.

What You Need:

This holiday lamp is great for
Christmas parties.

  • Acrylic paints in red-orange, pale peach, soft yellow, blue-green, pale blue-green, white, pale yellow, green, turquoise, pale green, lavender, pale magenta, orange, pale baby blue, peach, pink, yellow, and mauve
  • Inexpensive floor lamp, available at thrift shops and flea markets
  • White 1-inch-wide tape
  • Medium flat paintbrush; gold paint pen
  • 6-inch plastic-foam ball, such as Styrofoam
  • 2-inch-wide wire-edge gold ribbon
  • Hot-glue gun; hot-glue sticks
  • Straight pins; silk mistletoe


1. For the mistletoe hanger, paint the lamp pole using white and pale baby blue; blend together, painting blue on top and bottom, with white area in the middle. Let dry. 2. Wind tape around the pole, winding at an even angle all the length of the pole. Paint the uncovered portion using pale magenta and peach, blending with a brush. Paint magenta on top and bottom, with peach in the middle. Let dry. Remove the tape. Outline areas with gold paint pen. Let dry. 3. Pin a wide wired gold ribbon to the plastic-foam ball. Wind, twist, and overlap the gold ribbon around the ball to cover completely. Use straight pins to hold it in place. 4. If the artificial mistletoe is not an appropriate color, paint the leaves pale green and the berries peach and mauve, slightly overlapping the colors. Let dry. 5. Use hot glue and straight pins to adhere mistletoe to ball. Use pins to attach a gold ribbon to the ball. Wind the ribbon around the lamp stand and tie to the end.