Licorice Pots

Any one with a sweet tooth will be happy with these peppy pots filled with colorful licorice.

What You Need:

pots with licorice Fill the pots with licorice or other
colorful candies.


1. Glue rickrack around the lip of the pot and allow the glue to dry. Glue buttons atop the rickrack as desired.

2. Paint vertical stripes or squiggles on the pot. Let the paint dry.

3. Cut a large square of cellophane or clear plastic wrap and put inside the pot.

4. Fill the pot with licorice or other candy.


  • For a quicker decorated pot, use stickers and labels instead of buttons, rickrack, and acrylic paint.
  • For a friend who feels under the weather, fill the pot with tea bags, cocoa mix, bath oil, or good reading material.