Celebration Feast

Share in the bounty of the earth with this scrumptious meal.
Make these delicious
dishes to celebrate
Kwanzaa with your
friends and family.

Kwanzaa derives from the Swahili word for "first fruits of the season." Our menu highlights the bounty of the earth, with an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Beef and Groundnut Stew Peanut butter adds a unique flavor to beef stew.


Corn Sticks Whet your appetite with the golden color and fresh-baked aroma of these corn bread sticks.


Pinto Beans and Rice Ham, beans, and rice come together for a spicy side dish.


African-Creole Turkey Gumbo Adding seafood and sausage along with the poultry makes for a hearty dining experience.


Sweet Potato Biscuits Try making these in different shapes, such as squares or triangles.


Fruit with Honey-Lime Sauce For this dessert, choose pineapple, papaya, and other fruits of your liking.