Kwanzaa Decorating

Try our simple and smart ideas for awe-inspiring Kwanzaa tabletop decorations and more. A huge part of the Kwanzaa celebration is the kinara. Make a homemade kinara as a pretty decoration. Ours is made with a small piece of soft wood for an earthy feel. One of the traditions of Kwanzaa is to place fruit in a basket on the table to symbolize a bountiful harvest. Highlight this idea with a quick Kwanzaa centerpiece featuring artificial fruit that will look great through all seven days of the holiday. Want to know more about traditional Kwanzaa centerpieces? We walk you through the symbols of the holiday, including straw mats, the seven candles, the "muhindi" or ear of corn, the unity cup, and the zawadi, or gifts, meant to be opened during the holiday. Let the kids help decorate your Kwanzaa home by adding color to the table -- a beaded Kwanzaa napkin ring looks beautiful on your dinner table. Or let them weave a mkeka, a woven mat that will make a great conversation piece at dinner.


More Kwanzaa Celebration Ideas
Free & Fun Kwanzaa E-Cards

Send a personalized card just in time for the holiday.

Symbolic Kwanzaa Centerpieces

Share the symbols of Kwanzaa in a centerpiece.

Kwanzaa Chair Slipcover

Decorate the chairs for your next Kwanzaa gathering!

Everything in Kwanzaa Decorating
Quick & Easy
  • Beaded Bracelet or Napkin Ring

    We give you the pattern for three bracelets or napkin rings, you make them unique for your Kwanzaa celebration.

  • Kwanzaa Fruit Broom

    Kwanzaa is a word adapted from a Swahili phrase for "first fruit." Celebrate a prosperous season with this project.

  • Woodland Kinara

    Celebrate one of the seven Kwanzaa principles, kuumba or creativity, by making this woodland kinara.

Tabletop Ideas
  • Mkeka

    Though this mkeka is made with construction paper, use the pattern to make one from cloth, string, or fabric.

  • Symbolic Centerpieces

    Combine these symbols of Kwanzaa to decorate your holiday table. Use as little or as many as you'd like.


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