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Kwanzaa Counting Game

Play our counting game with the colors of Kwanzaa. This is an easy craft for ages 3 to 5 and a great game for traveling, too.

What You Need:

  • 7 dried lima beans
  • Permanent markers in green, black, and red
  • Margarine tub with lid


1. Add colored dots to beans. Take your red permanent marker and dot on one side of three beans. Take your green permanent marker and dot one side of three beans. Take your black permanent marker and dot one side of the beans.

2. Play the game. Put all the beans into the margarine tub and snap on the lid. Give the tub a shake. Take off the lid. How many red beans do you see? How many green? How many black? Count all the beans with their painted side up. Let each person have a turn. The one with the highest number of painted beans wins.

3. Give point values to each color. If you have older children, you can play the game by giving each color a value, like one point for red, two points for green, and five points for black. Add up the points for your score.


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