Patriotic Swags

Decorate your house with swags and bunting to show your support for America.

Yankee-Doodle Celebration

Bunting Creating this bunting is so
simple, you'll be tempted to
get together with neighbors and
decorate the whole block.

Trim your house with bunting -- which is so easy to create that you'll be amazed. Patriotic borders and flag motifs come in a variety of sizes. These are sold by the yard, so just choose a design in the scale that best fits your project.


1. Measure and cut the amount you need, cut away excess fabric along the scalloped edge, and finish the edge by serging it (or sew a row of staystitching along the edge.) 2. Hang the fabric from your porch railing, along the roofline, or under each window, attaching it with thumbtacks or duct tape. Printed fabric is realistically shaded and it will look as though draped bunting is fluttering in the wind, even when the yardage is tightly stretched.